The National Association of Landscape Professionals Industry Growth Initiative is a bold, new, and permanent program designed to grow and protect the industry.


Growing the Industry and its Workforce

While the landscape industry is diverse, the primary needs of its professionals are not – landscape operators need employees and businesses need to grow. NALP and its Foundation understand these needs and have responded with an aggressive growth agenda. Through the Industry Growth Initiative, NALP will grow the industry and its workforce by strengthening Americans’ appreciation of outdoor spaces where they live, work, and play. We want to show the public what we already know – that life and life’s work are best enjoyed outdoors.

To carry out this essential work, the NALP Foundation will raise $500,000 each year to invest in NALP’s growth agenda. The Foundation will continue to award scholarships and carry out activities that complement tomorrow’s workforce but it’s primary focus will be ensuring NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative produces the results professionals need.

IGI Spotlight

My team and I are passionate about the landscape industry - we love what we do! We have decided to help share this passion with the world, to tell our story as landscapers and to invest in our future by supporting the Industry Growth Initiative. The IGI is the landscapers “got milk” campaign and will help to establish NALP as THE voice of the Green industry, ensuring we own our message and activists don’t try and speak for us. The IGI will help grow my business by encouraging the next generation of landscapers to seek careers in the industry and by informing our clients of the benefits we provide our local communities. I am proud to call myself a landscaper and I am proud to stand up for our industry with the Industry Growth Initiative.
-- Paul Fraynd, CTP
CEO, Partner
Sun Valley Landscaping

Paul Fraynd

Tactics to Grow the Industry and Its Workforce

In 2016 the seeds for this growth agenda were planted with the launch of a new website for consumers and an active social media presence to engage with home and business owners. New collateral was created that helps tell the industry’s story. We are proud of the new foundation but there’s much more to be done to make a meaningful and lasting impact for the industry.

In the months ahead, NALP will execute a variety of PR strategies to ensure our voice is heard. A few examples:

To Grow the Workforce

  • Create a career-focused website speaking to students, career changers, veterans and others with excellent workforce potential
  • Launch a job board
  • Produce videos that showcase career opportunities
  • Sponsor content about industry career opportunities in business media outlets
  • Bring attention to industry careers through advertising and active social media outreach
  • Engage in a media campaign

NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative will harness the power of media and public relations to tell the story of the incredible career opportunities that exist within the industry.

To Grow the Industry

  • Strengthen our media campaign to showcase the industry and the value it provides, building on the 200+ million impressions earned already
  • Produce videos that reinforce expertise of industry professionals
  • Protect the industry’s reputation when activists attempt to speak for us
  • Place articles in magazines targeted at business owners in various vertical markets
  • Conduct research to better understand consumers’ needs and gather data to educate the public about the industry
  • Increase social media outreach

NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative will provide the visibility, the voice, and the results the industry has long sought.

Exposure is Important. So Is Your Support.

The competition for workers is tough. The space to tell the industry’s story is crowded. Countless other industries have banded together to solve their biggest challenges and their messages are resonating. We need our voice – about the benefits of the professional landscape industry – to rise above all those seeking the public’s attention. Join us to ensure our messaging reaches and resonates with aspiring landscape professionals so we can grow the workforce and to promote and protect our industry’s reputation and value to the business-buying public. NALP’s unified growth agenda will grow the industry and grow your business.

You should support the Industry Growth Initiative if…

  • You believe the industry needs an effective voice and presence to consumers and customers
  • You want to better showcase the value of managed green spaces
  • You believe customers need to better understand the value of your services
  • You feel there’s a need to showcase the expertise and professionalism afforded by good industry companies and differentiate them from the companies that are less-than-professional
  • You have an employee shortage and could benefit from talented men and women seeking careers in your company
  • You believe the industry needs to connect with young people to begin educating them as tomorrow’s workforce and customers
  • You are tired of activists trying to control messaging our industry. (After all, no one is more of an environmentalist than a landscape professional!)
  • You are an industry operator, consultant, or supplier and want to support growth for your customers –and accordingly, your business enterprise

If your livelihood is connected to professional landscaping and lawn care, your business should support the Industry Growth Initiative. The industry needs this initiative and so does your business.

Benefits of Support

The primary reason to support NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative is that the efforts will grow the industry and grow the pool of men and women seeking careers in the field. And while the results will be reason enough for your company to support the program, we are offering additional thanks to those who support our work by providing additional benefits. Companies who invest in the program will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Customizable videos and other collateral to support employee recruitment
  • Enhanced listings on NALP’s job board
  • Toolkit of ready-to-use articles for customer newsletters and blogs and customizable press releases
  • Suggested social media posts, pins, and Tweets
  • Access to exclusive industry research on consumer attitudes and buying behaviors
  • Enhanced listing on NALP’s Find-a-Pro website, making your company more visible to potential customers
  • Recognition within the industry

*Note: Some benefits are available immediately and others will be rolled out over the life of the program.

Pledge Today

Pledge To IGI

Lawn and landscape professionals are asked to invest as generously as possible to support the industry’s growth agenda. The greater our resources, the greater and more immediate our impact can be. The biggest benefit of investing is what can be derived by a united industry working toward a common goal to increase our visibility – to grow our industry and our workforce.

Industry Growth Initiative       For Information Contact: Missy Henriksen, NALP, VP of Public
     Affairs, 703-456-4212,