3 Questions to Ask to Get the Right Customers

Even though some buying experiences are happening more and more on the web these days, that isn’t as true in our industry, so we’re in the perfect position to pick and choose our buyers - the sorts of buyers that are worth our valuable time and resources. NALP consultant member, LandOpt shares ways to take the pulse, to determine if that prospect is the right customer.

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Help for Florida, Texas and Southeast Members

We extend our deepest sympathies to the landscape & lawn care professionals, their families, and clients affected by the floods and hurricane. The association and its members are exploring ways to provide assistance. Many NALP consultant members have offered pro bono advice to companies affected by the storm. Florida, Texas and Southeast landscape and lawncare companies can contact membership@landscapeprofessionals.org to be connected with help.

A New Online Resource for Our Members - NALP Community!

We are happy to announce a new resource for NALP members, called NALP Community. NALP Community is a members-only online forum. Like Facebook or Linked-in it gives you a social platform to communicate, share ideas, offer feedback, ask questions, meet new members and provide valuable resources to each other. NALP Community is free and for members only.

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