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    NALP Signs National Workforce Pledge, Committing to Enhance Career Opportunities for 150,000

    Through its Industry Growth Initiative, NALP has been working aggressively to attract employees to the landscape industry. Now the association is joining other national organizations in signing the President's Pledge to America’s Workers, committing to enhance career opportunities for 150,000 people in the next five years. Learn more about our how we'll achieve that.  

    Sign the Backpack Blower Pledge

    Your Company is encouraged to use the new Backpack Blower Pledge (in English and Spanish) as a tool to educate employees about best practices in the operation of backpack blowers. The Pledge demonstrates your commitment to the equipment’s safe and responsible use. View and download pledge HERE.

    Technical/Horticultural Resource Library

    Quickly access best practices in mowing, Integrated Pest Management, pruning and dozens of horticulture information sheets. Check out our exclusive Technical/Horticultural Resource Library filled with printable, easy-to-use resources for you and your staff. Find them in the member center. VIEW HERE

    Want to Be a Nationally Accredited Company?

    Want a seal of approval to help you keep and win clients? The new Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation can do that for you. If some of your staff already is Landscape Industry Certified, then you are on your way to receiving the accreditation. READ MORE

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