Learn from the Very Best in the Industry

Have you always wanted to go behind the scenes of a leading landscape business? This is your chance! This year’s event is being hosted by Pacific Landscape Management and Bob Grover. Bob’s team will show you everything they know, from sales, estimating, and design to operations, fleet and equipment, and company culture management. In addition to the tour of PLM, you will also attend education sessions on:

  • Outsmarting your competition, no matter your size
  • Creating a culture that attracts and sustains a winning team
  • Sales strategies that deliver results
  • Winning with efficiency
All About the Tour: Pacific Landscape Management

Pacific Landscape Management is led by Bob Grover and his partner, Elias Godinez. PLM is a $22M/year operation with a finely-honed focus on culture, efficiency, and customer service. There is no better – or faster – way to learn how to move your business forward than taking an in-depth tour of a leading company like PLM and seeing, up close and in person, how they execute and operate. Read more about how Pacific Landscape Management has nearly doubled in size over the past three years.

About Your Hosts:

    Frank Mariani is CEO of Chicago-based Mariani Landscape, on of the largest privately held
    landscaping companies in the US.

    Marty Grunder is President and CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co., a multimillion-dollar
    design-build and maintenance firm in Ohio, and a leading green-industry speaker, author,
    and consultant.

VIP Tour of the Nike Campus and Dinner with Marty Grunder, Frank Mariani, and Bob Grover:

Purchase a VIP ticket and you’ll be taken on a rare private tour of the spectacular campus of Nike’s World Headquarters, whose grounds PLM maintains. Following the tour, VIPs can continue the day’s conversations and networking at a special cocktail reception and three-course dinner on the Nike campus with Mary Grunder, Frank Mariani, and Bob Grover. VIP tickets are $250; add it to your registration at any time prior to the event!

Idea: Reward Your Team!

The NALP Field Trip is a wonderful opportunity for you to reward your team with a training trip. The program ends at 5pm on Friday so you can take advantage of the weekend to explore all that Portland and the surrounding area have to offer, from microbreweries and vineyards to spectacular scenery and outdoor adventure.

We learned from true landscape professionals and role models and saw first-hand just how great our industry can be. I left with many specific takeaways I can use right away at my company. Plus, a bonus, I made many new landscape friends that I can tap into for help and friendship throughout my career! Next time you see a Field Trip with NALP and Marty, do it!
— Paul Fraynd, Sun Valley Landscaping

2018 Sponsors

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