Legislative Days on the Hill

A Successful 2017 Legislative Days on the Hill

At Legislative Days 2017, attendees networked with other landscape professionals and got in-depth about the legislative and regulatory issues of utmost significance to landscape and lawn care businesses. The event concluded with appointments on Capitol Hill. Each attendee learned:
  • How to become a Washington “insider” on the legislative and regulatory agenda for our industry in the coming year.
  • To understand the issues that are most crucial to their interests and business.
  • How to become a more effective advocate on both the national and local stages.
  • A complete understanding on the national political landscape in one of the most contentious election years in memory.
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Why You Should Participate in 2018

Although NALP works year round with members of congress and the administration representing your professional interests, in today’s political world that is simply not enough. Your voice carries the most weight with politicians. Your connection to a member of congress’ district, and knowledge of how issues directly impact the “folks back home” are simply the most powerful advocacy tools available.

Are All Politics Really Local?

Yes - particularly now, in the current political climate, and especially as it relates to regulatory issues in our industry. Grassroots efforts in local jurisdictions to protect the growth and economic health of our industry are absolutely critical to our future. Hone your advocacy skills at the highest level, in the halls of Congress, and put lessons learned to work at home for your business and the collective good for our industry.

Your Industry Needs You!

Without a strong and unified voice we are at a significant disadvantage when policy discussions occur, and there are many forthcoming. Our collective voice is instrumental in helping to ensure that we benefit rather than suffer when policy changes that impact our industry occur.

Member participation in Legislative Days on the Hill helps us maximize the influence and advocacy impact of landscape professionals.

Every day your representatives in Washington DC are making decisions that could impact your lives and livelihood. To make sure our positions are known and our voice is heard, landscape professionals must send a clear and consistent message to Congress. Our annual visit to the Hill is one of the best ways to do so. Join us in our relentless advocacy efforts!