We announced at Great Escape, our annual leadership conference that, in April, our association will become the National Association of Landscape Professionals


Strengthening Our Voice

Rebranding Update – New Name & Brand Platform Announced - Feb 26, 2015
We announced at Great Escape, our annual leadership conference that, in April, our association will become the National Association of Landscape Professionals. You can access a brand toolkit in the member center where you can learn more about the new name and vision for the association and get logos and other materials to start using and promoting the new brand with clients. If you want to share your feedback on the new brand, let us know at goodtogreat@landscapeprofessionals.org. We are working to create the strongest possible future for our companies and for our industry. Watch a new video about our association.

Rebranding Update – Dec. 9, 2014

We will be unveiling the new name and brand in late February 2015!

For the last year, the PLANET board of directors has been discussing the possibility of rebranding the association. For months, we have been working with our branding partner, DeSantis Breindel, who completed extensive industry and member research, to develop a concept for a new brand that will help us aggressively advocate for and promote our industry in a way that will benefit all our member companies.

We are pleased to report that the board recently voted to adopt a new name and brand platform for our association. We plan to announce it in late February 2015 at our Great Escape conference. If you can't join us in person at Great Escape, we will make sure to share the new brand story and elements with you through a member toolkit which will be available on this page by the beginning of March.

Even though we will unveil the new brand in late February, we won’t officially begin using it until April 2015, giving you time to learn about the new brand and add it to your company materials during the month of March. We understand that it takes time to make changes. We aren't requiring members to immediately replace the logos on their websites, etc., but we hope you will find the new brand beneficial for client relations and you will want to make that change when it is appropriate in your business cycle.

Our new branding is more than just a name; it is keeping us focused on the things that are most important to members. Over the next year or two, you will see the new branding rolled out more deeply in our programs and services and on our website, but our association will still be the same organization you have come to know and value, working hard to help you meet your business challenges. We are more committed than ever to supporting landscape and lawn care member companies and uniting and advancing the interests of our industry.

About the Rebranding Initiative

We are continually looking at ways to improve PLANET, making sure we provide value to all of our members. In addition to the range of services and resources we offer directly to members, our team works with legislators and government agencies to reduce unnecessary regulations and create a business-friendly environment. We also communicate with the media and the public to raise awareness about the important contributions that landscape and lawn care companies make in our lives.
In order for our message to resonate on Capitol Hill and with the public (your clients), we need to deliver a message that clearly conveys who we are and what we do. Our members are the experts in the field, and we must ensure that the industry is recognized for the contributions we make to society.

Strengthening the Association

PLANET President, Jim McCutcheon’s mission for this year is to take the association from good to great. Jim’s idea was inspired by the popular book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don’t. The book, written by James C. “Jim” Collins, III, discusses the fact that companies that make the leap from being a good organization to becoming a great one don’t do it with one “big idea.” Instead, they make many changes across all areas of the company that eventually push the organization to greatness. With that in mind, we are reviewing all our programs, services, and initiatives and looking for ways to improve them. One of the opportunities we have for improvement is to strengthen our voice and the messages we deliver to the public.

Strengthening Our Brand

Like great businesses, great associations aren’t static—they evolve over time. Strong brands evolve over time in response to the needs of their customers and changes in the marketplace. The speed and method by which people learn about and interact with businesses and associations has changed since PLANET was formed in 2005. Our association needs to be responsive in order to support members and be the strongest advocate for our industry.
We have engaged the award-winning branding firm DeSantis Breindel to lead the initiative to create a new brand for PLANET which will result in a strong and focused message about what our association’s core purpose is, and it may also include a new name for the association.

PLANET's board is made up of members who are committed to adopting a new brand for the association that will resonate with members, customers, and the public. While we may change our outward appearance, we are not changing our fundamental vision to support members and advance our industry.

Let Us Know What You Think

Our association is only as strong as our members. We value your opinion. Send your thoughts or comments to goodtogreat@landscapeprofessionals.org. For more information, read our frequently asked questions. If you have questions about the branding process, feel free to contact PLANET’s PR Director, Lisa Schaumann, at lisa@landscapeprofessionals.org. Look for news about the rebranding initiative on our various communication channels, including PLANET News and Front Page News, through email, and on the LandcareNetwork.org website.

Rebranding Goals:
  • Be a stronger partner for member's businesses
  • Be a stronger advocate for the industry
  • Increase recognition and respect for the industry
  • Strengthen and grow the industry
  • Increase membership in the association
Rebranding FAQs

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the rebranding initiative.

Get Involved

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PLANET Rebranding Interview with Jim McCutcheon