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NALP helps lawn care operators and lawn care service providers achieve more. The Lawn Care Hub gives you quick access to the latest articles from the experts, tools and resources to help your business grow. You can also access information about state pesticide regulations and learn more about our government affairs team works to protect lawn care businesses. For more information about events, networking, and other industry programs, visit the NALP website. 

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Every April, we celebrate National Lawn Care Month by educating the public about the benefits of healthy lawns. This year, we are focusing on the ways that lawns and landscapes help fight climate change. Use the free resources in our toolkit to create your own social media posts for #lawncaremonth. And, use our new animated video and infographic that educates people about how greenspaces help fight climate change and the role that lawn care professionals play.

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Featured Content

Technically Speaking: Controlling Nutsedge

Nutsedges are perennial weeds that are aggressive and difficult to control. While the weed may look grassy, it is not a grass or a broadleaf weed but a sedge. Sedges have triangular stems and three rows of leaves. They grow at a much faster rate than turfgrasses, making them very noticeable in yards. Sedges require […]

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Lawn Care: Preventing Customer Call Backs

Call Backs

With the official start of spring just around the corner, lawn care crews are ramping up for the season. One way to make sure this season is particularly productive is to cut down on customer call backs. “Call backs are very costly to a business: the inefficiencies on your time and labor, fuel, wear and […]

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Lawn Care Corner: Why Knowing Your Soil pH Is Important


When it comes to managing your customers’ soil fertility, knowing soil pH values is critical. “By definition, soil pH is a measure of the soil Hydrogen ion (H+) content in the soil solution,” says Ben Hamza, Ph.D., product development associate director with FMC Professional Solutions. “This measure falls on a scale from 0 to 14, […]

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Legislative and Regulatory News

EPA Releases Draft Guidance on Plant Biostimulants – Seeks Comments

Last week, EPA released another in a series of documents that will ultimately conclude with guidance on plant regulator substances including the many biostimulant products on the market.   “Plant biostimulants are increasingly being used by farmers to increase agriculture productivity,” said EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention Alexandra Dapolito Dunn. “When finalized, our Plant Biostimulants Guidance will provide sought-after certainty […]

NALP Submitting Commentary On Active Ingredients to EPA

NALP staff will be submitting comments over the weekend to the EPA on two important herbicides that are in the process of periodic reregistration by the agency. The herbicide triclopyr is an important tool for professional applicators who struggle with tough to control weeds such as ground ivy and violet, while the preemergent herbicide dithiopyr is a mainstay of springtime grassy weed control applications […]

EPA Pesticide Policy Dialog Committee Meets

The semi-annual meeting of the PPDC occurred virtually this week. This committee is made up of pesticide stakeholders across the political spectrum and serves as a forum for EPA to discuss topical issues. This week, the PPDC tackled pesticide resistance management, emerging agricultural technology, the agency’s efforts to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, emerging pathogens, and […]

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