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National Lawn Care Month Campaign Focuses on Climate Change

New Animated Video Highlights the Benefits of Healthy Lawns and Landscapes in Fighting Climate Change

FAIRFAX, Va., (April 1, 2021) —
 The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is kicking off National Lawn Care Month with the release of a new animated video that educates the public about how healthy lawns and landscapes help fight climate change.

The video is part of a suite of grassroots campaign resources that NALP makes available each April to amplify the message about the benefits of managed lawns and landscapes.

This year’s focus on climate change is a joint effort of NALP’s Government Affairs Council, Marketing Advisory Council, and Lawn Care Communications Committee.

“There is more of a focus from the new administration and in state legislatures about addressing the impacts of climate change,” said Andrew Bray, NALP vice president of government relations. “We want to ensure that we are leading the discussion about how healthy lawns and landscapes help mitigate the negative effects.”

The 60-second video and infographic were produced by the Emmy® Award-Winning animation studio Digital Brew. The video features lawn care and landscape professionals caring for greens spaces. It also provides a high-level look at how grass, plants, and trees sequester carbon, produce oxygen, and provide cooling and energy savings.

“We want to show people that their backyards, public parks, and other green spaces are not just places to relax and have fun,” said Lisa Stryker, NALP VP of marketing and communications.  “But they should also feel good about the yard’s ability to help fight climate change.”

Watch the video and access the National Lawn Care Month resources.  National Lawn Care Month is promoted by industry partners, including the Irrigation Association, OPEI, and Turf Producers International. 

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