National Lawn Care Month

Every year, we observe National Lawn Care Month in April, providing tools for the entire industry to educate consumers about the benefits of a healthy lawn. This year's campaign, "Grass Facts," shares facts about the benefits of turfgrass in our communities and helps dispel some of the myths. Use the social media graphics, infographics, and messages in this toolkit as often as you like in April and beyond to promote healthy lawns.

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Did you know that lawns and turfgrass help fight climate change by removing and trapping carbon dioxide, producing oxygen, and cooling our communities?  #Lawncaremonth #truthaboutlawns

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Did you know natural grass has also been shown to reduce runoff and soil erosion from 6-18 times greater than bare soil?  #Lawncaremonth #truthaboutlawns

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Having a well-maintained yard, not only increasing your home's value, you are also helping the environment at the same time. 
#Lawncaremonth #truthaboutlawns

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Did you know one 5,000-square-foot grass lawn can produce enough oxygen daily to support 14 to 34 people? #Lawncaremonth #truthaboutlawns 

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Did you know that grassy areas can be up to 60 degrees cooler than surrounding pavement? Plants, including natural turfgrass, act like air conditioners due to a natural cooling process known as evapotranspiration.  #Lawncaremonth #truthaboutlawns

Climate Change Resources 

Use our climate change resources anytime to promote the benefits of lawns and landscapes. 

Landscape professionals create and maintain America's green spaces which positively impact climate change.  

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