Contact: Lisa Stryker
Vice President, Communications & Marketing, NALP
Phone: 540-729-2114

NALP’s Foundation Launches Nationwide Workforce Study

All Industry Contractors are Encouraged to Participate

FAIRFAX, Va., (June 24, 2021) —
 The Foundation of The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) has recently launched a nationwide survey to gather employee demographics in our industry to see how we stack up against the demographics of the general United States workforce. This will allow the Foundation to identify underrepresented groups and work to attract them to our industry.  

All industry contractor companies are encouraged to participate via the survey link included in NALP’s research portal. Surveys must be completed by July 9 and the results will be made available in fall of 2021. Participating companies will receive a final copy of the report, prior to the public release, with data to compare their company to the industry averages.

“For years, the Foundation has been focused on supporting industry education and attracting new people to careers in landscape and lawn care,” said Britt Wood, Interim Foundation Executive Director. “This national research study will help us identify areas where we are doing well and where we need to work harder to attract underrepresented groups into our industry; allowing us to offer career advancement opportunities to more people.”

About the Foundation
The National Association of Landscape Professionals’ Foundation (a 501c3) is focused on strengthening the landscape industry through education, scholarships, and research for the benefit of the nation’s green spaces. Visit for more information.