You've worked so hard to become certified. Make sure you stay certified. You'll need to recertify every two years. You'll need to recertify every two years. It's easy to do - just stay on top of the latest industry practices by reading articles, attending webinars, conferences and other education and you'll earn CEUs toward your recertification.  

Reinstatement Policy - Effective May 1, 2018

For certificants who have not renewed and have a Good Through date of 12/31/2018, effective March 31, 2019, your credentials are considered 'Late'.
- For Late certificants to reinstate your credentials you will: Submit the 24-hours of continuing education and pay the reinstatement fee ($200.00). Download Reinstatement Application

For certificants who have not renewed and have a Good Through date of 12/31/2017 or less, your credentials are considered 'Lapsed'.
- For Lapsed certificants you will be required to: Re-enroll into the program, pay full program fees and retake the applicable examination.

If you have any questions regarding recertification, please contact Margo Rash.

CEU’s & Advancing your Professionalism

There are numerous ways to earn CEU’s and to advance your professionalism. Maintaining your credential(s) is easier than you might think; recertification requires Landscape Industry Certified professionals to earn twenty-four (24) continuing education units (CEUs) every two years. 1 hour of instruction = 1 CEU. You can advance your professionalism and earn CEU’s by:
  • Attending Conferences and Seminars
  • Taking a College or University Course
  • Volunteering and Contributing
  • Enrolling in a new NALP Certification program or specialty

2 Steps to Recertify for 2019

Step 1: To recertify, you will report 24 hours of continuing education earned during the 2018 and 2019 time-frame. This can now be done from  your Account, click on the Certification tab and use the + to add your continuing education units.

Step 2: Pay the recertification fee of $100. Download Application; use the Recertification Requirements to review the activities that qualify for continuing education. 


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