Landscape Industry Certified

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Want to stand out, be the best and prove that you are a highly skilled landscape industry professional? Earning a prestigious Landscape Industry Certified credential is a way to do that. Employers and customers look for certifications as way to validate your skills and expertise. Take your career to the next level by earning your certification. Begin your journey to lifelong career enhancement today!

Companies Become Stronger With a Focus on Certification

  • Win more bids by employing certified staff
  • Attract top talent with your commitment to professionalism
  • Provide a training platform for your team
  • Ensure that employees remain well-educated through re-certification

Learn More About the Different Certifications

Business Manager

For landscape contractor business owners or managers, or those on the management fast-track.

Interior Technician

For professionals involved with the design, installation, and care of indoor plants.

Exterior Technician

For technicians working in softscape or hardscape installation, maintenance and/or irrigation.

Horticulture Technician

For industry professionals who work with landscape plant life.

Lawn Care Manager

For lawn care professionals who work with warm or cool-season Turfgrass.

Lawn Care Technician

For lawn care technicians who work exclusively with cool-season Turfgrass.

In our minds, employees who make the effort to become certified are also making the statement that they are serious about their careers and about being able to perform at the highest levels for our customers."

- Bill Leidecker, Landscape Industry Certified, Five Seasons Landscape Management