The Industry Growth Initiative is Growing the Industry and its Workforce

NALP's Industry Growth Initiative, powered by the NALP Foundation, is leading efforts to grow the industry and its workforce. IGI is shining a favorable spotlight on the industry so potential customers value and demand the work done by industry professionals, talented individuals seek rewarding and lucrative careers in our industry, and elected officials understand the benefits offered by healthy lawns and landscapes as they consider ordinances, laws, and codes.

The Industry Growth Initiative is showing the public what we already know - that life and life's work - are best enjoyed outdoors.

To carry out this work, the NALP Foundation will raise $10 million over the next five years for resources, that will be invested in aggressive PR activities, national advertising campaigns, media relations tactics, social media dialogues, model curriculum, apprenticeship programs, consumer research, celebrity spokespeople, and more. We are ready to tell the industry's story and to do so, we need your help.

Learn more about our growth agenda and learn how we are thanking those who are supporting our work.