The fly-in is timed to allow for a strong grassroots push prior to Congress’ release of the initial 2017 Homeland Security Appropriations bill.

H-2B Member Advocacy Resources

NALP has been a leading advocate in H2B reform for more than 14 years. As a co-chair of the H-2B Workforce Coalition, we continue to aggressively advocate for immediate H-2B cap relief through the annual spending process, as well as for permanent H-2B reform. We work with more than 40 other industries that share concerns about how the federal government is hurting American businesses by their inability to develop a long-term fix to the H2B program. While the long-term problems are not yet resolved, we are proud of the wins we have earned along the way and the successes we have collectively achieved.

The H-2B Workforce Coalition Is an Effective Advocacy Tool

During this stressful time, we thought it might be helpful to remind you of all of the things we are doing to fight for H-2B cap relief. NALP is a founding member of the H-2B Workforce Coalition and chairs the coalition, along with AmericanHort, the American Hotel and Lodging Association and the Outdoor Amusement Business Association. Through our leadership in that coalition we have done the following:

  • Directed a massive H-2B Government Relations Strategy
  • Built and leveraged a multi-industry coalition that is the voice of H-2B users on Capitol Hill
  • Built a massive grassroots network that in 2017 has resulted in over 1900 messages to Congress from NALP members and that continues to weigh in regularly with lawmakers in support of pro-H-2B policies
  • Lobbied relentlessly in Washington, DC for H-2B cap relief and other regulatory reforms
  • Successfully lobbied for the introduction of permanent H-2B reform legislation in both chambers of Congress
  • Spearheaded positive H-2B communications in television and print media, as well as social media
  • Compelled the Department of Homeland Security to release an additional 15,000 H-2B visas for fiscal 2017 after lobbying Congress to provide for cap relief
  • Successfully lobbied for an H-2B returning worker exemption and H-2 regulatory relief for fiscal 2016 and a returning worker exemption in 2005-2007
  • Worked with Congress to address DOL process issues and compelled DOL to issue emergency procedures to address a processing backlog in 2015
  • Successfully lobbied for additional funding for DOL processing to prevent future processing delays
  • Blocked enforcement of onerous provisions of the 2015 H-2B program rules since they were finalized including allowing for the continuation of a 10-month season
  • Successfully blocked through legislative and litigation onerous wage rules from 2011 through 2015 that saved our members millions of dollars
  • Successfully blocked through litigation onerous H-2B program rules from 2013 through 2015
  • And many other H-2B successes