Advisory Councils, Committees, Network Advisory Boards & Workgroups

Year-round (as space allows) we accept volunteers who want to serve on NALP Advisory Councils, Committees & Network Advisory Boards. Workgroups are open to all NALP members and can be joined anytime. Get involved and you'll help shape association programs and initiatives while expanding your network and creating long-lasting relationships. These groups usually meet virtually 2-3 times per year, and some groups meet once per year in person. Time commitments may vary.

If you are an NALP member and would like to express your interest in serving as a volunteer leader, please complete the interest form. To join a workgroup, click the link in the workgroup description below.

Advisory Councils

NALP Advisory Councils consist of approximately 25 members (or less). Advisory Council members are appointed by staff and led by an NALP member chairperson. Advisory Councils work on big picture issues and their input can be sought by NALP's Board of Directors.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council - Co-Chairs: Maurice Dowell and Phil Key | Staff Liaisons: Stacia Gueriguian | Corey Ruple
Purposefully chooses to engage with those different from themselves, creating a varied workforce where Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are not concepts but lifestyles.

Government Affairs Council – Chair: Chris Sherrington | Staff Liaison: Andrew Bray
As an industry leader, advance and defend the business interests and reputation of the industry in the government affairs and public affairs channels, seeking out and working collaboratively with allied individuals and groups. 

Industry Marketing Council – Chair: Amy Snyder | Staff Liaison: Lisa Stryker
Responsible for programming and activities to shape the public’s perception of the value of managed lawns and landscapes.

Professional Development & Standards Advisory Council – Chair: Brett Lemcke | Staff Liaison: Heather Parker
Strives to ensure that the association is supporting the educational needs of industry professionals at each stage of their career, as well as setting and upholding industry standards of excellence.

Supplier Advisory Council – Chair: Carol Dilger | Staff Liaison: Scott Savodnik
Recognizing the unique position that suppliers have in our industry, this Council advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors in response to identified issues facing industry. Acts as a conduit with other suppliers to further engage them in the association.

Sustainability Council – Chair: Bob Grover| Staff Liaison: Lisa Stryker, Andrew Bray
Oversees the Association's direction on education, training, and content around sustainable landscaping.

Workforce Advisory Council – Chair: Brigitte Orrick | Staff Liaison: Jenn Myers
Creates the strategy and oversees execution of programs and activities to address the industry’s workforce crisis.


NALP Committees consist of approximately 25 members (or less). Committee members are appointed by staff and led by an NALP member chairperson. NALP Committees work on specific functional areas of the association.

Accredited Degree Program Committee - Chair: Steve Hastings | Committee Staff Manager: Jenn Myers

This committee is responsible for the management and growth of NALP’s Accredited Degree Program, the endorsement of schools with landscape contracting curricula that meet or exceed industry standards.

Awards Committee - Chair: Jake Leman | Committee Staff Manager: Amy Easterday
The NALP Awards Program offers the opportunity for national recognition within the industry. Awards include Awards of Excellence, Leadership Awards, Advocacy Award and Safety Recognition Awards. The committee is responsible for developing strategies to manage and grow the NALP Awards Program. The committee works to improve the awards by reviewing the selection and judging process, developing new awards, and encouraging members to participate. Reports to: Professional Development & Standards Advisory Council

ELEVATE Program Committee- Chair: Claire Goldman | Committee Staff Manager: Kim McCrossen
This committee is responsible for the development and execution of a forward-thinking, dynamic educational program for the new NALP annual conference and expo. Reports to: Professional Development & Standards Advisory Council

Faculty Advisory Committee - Chair: Tim Schauwecker | Committee Staff Manager: Jenn Myers
This Committee executes strategies and tactics to further engage and serve our educator and student chapter members in all aspects of the association, including providing relevant, useful and appropriate services, communication methods, tools and products. This group also assists with workforce development efforts at the collegiate level, including a focus on recruitment of new students. Reports to: Workforce Advisory Council 

Finance Committee - Chair: Pam Dooley | Committee Staff Manager: Carol Keeling
The committee provides financial oversight of the association and provides advice and counsel to the Board of Directors on financial matters. Please note that this committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and does not accept volunteers.
National Collegiate Landscape Competition Committee - Chair: David Grover | Committee Staff Manager: Jenn Myers
This Committee manages this annual event, which happens each March, and caters to both students and faculty, as well as the industry, as the main new employee recruiting event. The committee works closely with the host college faculty representatives in overseeing the success of the program. Reports to: Workforce Advisory Council

Political Action (PAC) Committee - Chair: Nick Brummel | Committee Staff Manager: Andrew Bray
The Political Action committee (PAC) provides members with a way to have their voices heard on Capitol Hill. By contributing to the PAC and combining political donations with all members, the committee helps gain access to key legislators to communicate the value of our industry and support grassroots campaigns.

Renewal & Remembrance Committee - Chair: Bill Benoit | Committee Staff Manager: Stacia Gueriguian
This Committee plans all aspects related to Renewal & Remembrance, a day each July when over 500 members volunteer their skills and/or equipment to beautify and care for the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery and various locations on the National Mall. 

Network Advisory Boards

Network Advisory Board are the leadership groups for the networks. Each Advisory Board consists of approximately 20 (or less) members who are appointed by staff. However, the networks themselves are open to everyone. 

Latino Landscape Network (Formerly NHLA) - Staff Managers: Andrew Bray & Lisa Stryker
The Latino Landscape Network Advisory Board oversees the strategy to empower the Latino landscape community by growing the Network, providing custom education for Latino-owned businesses and employees, advocating at the State, local, and Federal Levels, and creating networking and mentoring opportunities for the community. Join the Latino Landscape Network

Women in Landscape Network - Staff Manager: Jenn Myers
The NALP Women in Landscape Network is connecting, empowering and advocating for women in the landscape industry. We are committed to amplifying the voices of women leaders and driving the change necessary to recruit and retain female professionals.  The NALP WILN is led by a group of landscape professionals, women and men, passionate about female representation and advancement in the landscape and lawn care industry.  Join the Women in Landscape Network.
Young Professionals Network - Staff Managers: Page Howard & Kim McCrossen
NALP's Young Professionals promotes education and networking opportunities for those under 40 in the green industry as well as college students.  With a focus on career advancement, professional development, and peer-to-peer connections, there is no better way to get plugged in than the Young Professionals Network.  Check out our Facebook Group, Growing in the Green Industry Podcast, and e-mail list to connect with us! Join the Young Professionals Network

Veterans in Landscape Network - Staff Manager: Jenn Myers & Tony Shivers
After serving our country, our military veterans become leaders in the civilian world. This network was created to connect and support veterans in the landscape and lawn care industry. Engaging with the Veterans in Landscape Network is easy. Stay in the loop by signing up to receive future communications and connecting on social media. Join the Veterans in Landscape Network


Workgroups are focused around a specific area of interest and are open to all NALP members who have an interest in that particular subject. 

Lawn Care Workgroup – Staff Manager: Bob Mann

This workgroup focuses on government relations and regulatory issues that impact LCO’s and lawn care, pest management and tree and ornamental shrub care operations. Join Now!

H-2B Workgroup - Staff Manager: Andrew Bray
This workgroup provides feedback to our government affairs team that crafts our H-2B legislative strategy. The group serves an important role in sharing the perspective of landscape companies that use the program. Participants sometimes give comments or provide testimony about the program to government agencies. Join Now!

Safety and Risk Management Workgroup - Staff Manager: Kim McCrossen
This workgroup is dedicated to promoting safety across our industry through education and training programs, sharing of best practices and online resources, providing free, expert safety counsel and guidance to NALP members, a strong partnership with OSHA and recognizing safety achievement through the Safety Recognition Awards Program. Join Now!