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NALP is committed to your company's growth and success! Introducing NAVIGATE, our exclusive, expanded, business mentoring program that helps landscape and lawn care companies (and individuals) level up. If you've ever wanted a mentor to guide you - we've got you covered so you don't have to go it alone. NAVIGATE teams you up with industry mentors (called Trailblazers) who are eager to share their knowledge with you about running a successful landscape or lawn care business. This program is FREE for NALP members! Not a member? Become a member today

The NAVIGATE Coaching Experience

What makes the NAVIGATE experience unique? You'll be matched with a Trailblazer coach (from a non-competing market). They'll share with you their operations, customer service strategies, business plans, and more. You'll get advice that you can use immediately to help improve your operations. The traditional NAVIGATE experience involves a full day, in-person meeting at the Trailblazer's facility. Or, you can meet with your mentor virtually if travel isn't in the cards. We also have a speed version of NAVIGATE if you want a quick 1-2 hour coaching session.

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Who Participates in the NAVIGATE program?

If you run a landscape, lawn care, irrigation, or tree care company and you are looking for advice about how to grow your company, increase your revenue, manage your team, or improve your operations, the NAVIGATE program is for you. Or, if you just want validation that you are on the right track, the NAVIGATE program can help.  And, you might be surprised to learn that some people participate multiple times with different mentors. Don't miss out, get started today!

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Landscape and Lawn Care Mentors (a.k.a. The Trailblazers!)

NAVIGATE has a line up of industry experts who really want to help you succeed. Who are they? We call them Trailblazers. They are industry experts who coach/mentor others in the industry. They are nominated by their peers because of their skill and willingness to share their knowledge. Did we mention, you can review the list of Trailblazers and choose who you'd like to connect with? We'll do our best to connect you with you first or second choice.

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What People Are Saying...

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The Trailblazer Mentoring Program is one of NALP’s most valuable member benefits. I’ve participated as a mentee and a mentor, and it’s rewarding no matter which role you’re playing. I learned so much from my Trailblazer, Rod Bailey, and I’ve had the opportunity to pass it along to my mentees as they’ve toured my company or when I’ve visited theirs. What a great way to share and to improve the industry we all love."

Roscoe Klausing, Klausing Group, Inc.

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