Landscape Management Certificate Program

Spanish language version now available!

Want to ensure that you, or your team members, have mastered the basic landscape management knowledge needed to succeed? Then our online certificate program is for you. It is available in both English and Spanish. There are three courses, which can be taken individually or together, covering hardscape and plant installation, landscape maintenance, irrigation, and you get a fundamentals course as well.  It's an easy, flexible, and interactive way for landscape technicians to advance their skills - and earn a certificate. The courses are built for individual, self-paced study, however you can also choose to register multiple team members and have them learn together from the same expert playbook.

An added bonus— these courses prepare people to advance their career by becoming certified. Learn more about the Landscape Industry Certified - Landscape Technician exam and credential. These online certificate courses also satisfy the educational requirements for apprentices who are part of the the Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program.

An Easy, No Hassle, Way to Learn

  • The self-study, self-paced, courses offer maximum flexibility
  • Access the courses from anywhere there is a computer and internet access
  • Get comprehensive education, using the best industry methods, from experts in the field
  • Quizzes ensure people understand the course material

Earn a Certificate!

Participants will get a confidence boost by enhancing their knowledge in installation, irrigation, and maintenance while earning a certificate to prove it! Courses can be taken separately or together. Participants can earn a certificate for each course they complete.

Please note that these certificate courses are not the same as earning a certification. The Landscape Industry Certified - Landscape Technician credential is still the gold standard for demonstrating a commitment to the highest level of professionalism. 

Certificate Program or Certification? — Which One to Choose?

Not sure if the certificate courses or certification is the right path for you or for your team members.  View the infographic to learn more about each pathway.

Course Details

The Process is Simple

Step 1. Enroll on the NALP website and purchase (optional) supplemental study materials  
Step 2. Order confirmation is sent to you and directs you to your purchased course
Step 3. Log in to NALP's Online Education Platform using your NALP username and password
Step 4. Start the course (participants have one year to finish the course)
Step 5. Pass the final course test with an 80% and earn a certificate (free test re-takes are available)


Additional Training Opportunities

Landscape Technician Bootcamp

Want to supplement your training program? Our Bootcamp manual provides you with the tools necessary to deliver training to your crews, including 25 lesson plans for classroom and hands-on instruction. You'll get access to a training program you can roll out immediately for onboarding, improving your team’s skills, or preparing technicians for NALP’s Exterior Technician certification test. The course teaches hardscape installation, softscape installation, ornamental maintenance, turf maintenance and irrigation.

Learn More

Technician Training Manuals (English and Spanish)

The core study guides for certification, the Installation, Maintenance, and Irrigation Training Manuals are valuable education resources. And, each manual comes with an access code for 20+ online training videos. Add these manuals to your training library and as a bonus, prepare your team for the Landscape Industry Certified exam!

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Set Your Team Up for Certification

Bonus! The Landscape Management Certificate Program prepares technicians to take the Landscape Industry Certified Technician Exterior exam. So, once you’ve trained your team, consider registering them to become certified - the gold standard of industry knowledge! (Available in English and Spanish).

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