Environmental Stewardship

Landscape professionals are leaders in cultivating green spaces to protect our environment and enhance our society. Proper nutrient conservation, turf maintenance, tree care and plant management provide a multitude of environmental benefits by cooling the earth, protecting water sources, purifying the air and providing a diverse ecosystem for species to live and thrive in. (Click here for more information on benefits of landscapes)

As stewards of the environment landscapers implement thoughtful landscape management plans involving various tools, techniques and strategies based on their expertise. Tools used by landscape professionals are vital to the success of healthy landscapes, and are also heavily regulated by Federal and state authorities.

Ensuring the safety, health and well-being of landscape professionals, the general public and the environment is the top priority of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). NALP fully supports documented risk-based research on pesticides conducted by our regulatory bodies and the established framework for the regulation of pesticides in the United States through the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and other pertinent Federal statutes and regulations.

Healthy landscapes are good for our environment, good for our health and good for our communities and NALP relentlessly advocates on behalf of the landscape industry to promote these benefits and protect the industry from misinformed and misguided policy decisions.

NALP is regularly engaging Congress and the Administration (Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior) to protect industry interests.

Areas in where NALP is currently engaged include:

  • Pesticide Registration and Review - Ensuring the Landscape industry perspective and use patterns are adequately represented
  • Turfgrass biotechnology and fertilizer policies
  • Clean water stewardship
  • Pollinator Health
  • Pesticide and Fertilizer certification and training requirements for landscape professionals

  • Click here to see the NALP Government Relations Blog on recent activity and updates on these issues and more.