Certified Landscape Technician

By earning the Landscape Industry Certified Technician credential you demonstrate your expertise in the field of exterior landscaping (installation, maintenance and irrigation). Win more bids, stand out from the crowd, and provide the best service to your clients with certified staff on the job. There are a variety of ways to study for the exam which is administered online through a secure, remote proctoring service.

No matter your location, you or your team members can earn the prestigious Landscape Industry Certified designation. Start the certification journey today! Now offered in Spanish!


Certification Process

Step 1.  Enroll
Step 2.  Purchase Study Materials or Courses
Step 3.  Study at Your Own Pace
Step 4.  Take the Exam at Your Convenience

Study for the Exam - Your Way

There a few different ways to study for the  Landscape Industry Certified Technician exam. Choose the method that is right for you.  (Note - the publications listed below can be purchased through the bookstore or during the online enrollment process.)

Prepare By Taking Online Courses - Take all three of the Landscape Management Certificate Program Courses

  • Landscape Management Certificate Courses –The online courses, covering installation, maintenance, and irrigation provides instruction with quizzes to test participants' knowledge and provides preparation for the certification exam. And people can earn a certificate for passing the course (s). This is a great stepping stone on the path to certification. Reviewing the Training Manuals is also recommended for the most comprehensive exam preparation.

Study at Your Own Pace - Using the Certification Training Manuals

  • Landscape Training Manual for Irrigation Technicians - English, Spanish
  • Landscape Training Manual for Installation Technicians - English, Spanish
  • Landscape Training Manual for Maintenance Technicians - English, Spanish
  • Set of 3 - Landscape Training Manuals for Installation, Irrigation, and Maintenance Technicians - English, Spanish

Train Your Team Members - Using Our Bootcamp Manual for Instructors

  • Landscape Technician Bootcamp – This informative instructor’s manual, provides you with the tools necessary to deliver classroom and hands-on training to your crews in 25 essential subject areas.

About the Exam

The Technician exam has five specialty areas to choose from: Softscape Installation, Hardscape Installation, Turf Maintenance, Ornamental Maintenance or Irrigation.

The exam includes the following sections:

Exam 1: Common Core

  • Communication
  • Safety and first-aid
  • Vehicle operation and safety
  • Tools and equipment
  • Basic math

Universal Items

 - OSHA workplace label and symbols
 - Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements
 - Safe Lifting procedures
 - Underground utility color codes

Exam 2: Specialty - Select One
Click Here for Specialty Details!

  • Softscape installation
  • Hardscape installation
  • Irrigation
  • Ornamental maintenance
  • Turf maintenance

Process and Procedures

 -Test candidates are expected to be knowledgeable of the 'processes: actions and steps along with the supporting procedural details within their specialty areas.

Exam Fees

NALP Member

Full Exam: $550*| Retakes: $115 per section
Includes Enrollment + Proctor fees



Full Exam: $750 | Retakes: $140 per section
Includes Enrollment + Proctor fees  

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