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You’ve heard the phrase before: managing expectations. Your people need to understand the company mission, their roles in the business, performance standards, and what they need to do to get to the next level. They need to understand what’s expected so they can thrive in your organization. You can mitigate many human resources concerns when you establish clear communications about your policies, operations—basically, how your company works. That’s where your employee handbook comes into play.

Customize Your Handbook

Many companies have some form of a handbook, and it could be as simple as a one-page “rules” document. But this won’t do a lot of good if you’re dealing with an employee dispute that ends up in court. Some companies adopt handbooks from other businesses, or they find an online solution that seems to make the process easy. But, there is risk with this because the handbook is not specific to your industry and your operations. And, employee handbooks should be reviewed by your attorney.

Your employee handbook should include the following topics:
  • Mission statement and values
  • Working hours
  • Non-discrimination statement
  • Attendance and late
  • Pay day and pay procedures
  • Paid time off (PTO) policy
  • Benefits
  • Safety policy
  • Performance review process
  • Wage increase policy

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