Economic Forecasts for Landscape Industry Businesses

NALP has partnered with ITR Economics to provide economic forecasting to landscape and lawn care companies. And the best part is, it is free for NALP members. If purchased directly, it would cost $40,000 annually.

ITR Economics is the oldest privately held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the U.S. providing business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy since 1948 with 94.7% forecast accuracy four quarters out.

NALP members now receive exclusive access to custom quarterly reports tailored to our industry as well as access to an online portal (Alliance) where you can upload your own data and get a macro-economic view at the regional level.

Quarterly Economic Forecasts Report

NALP members have access to Economic Forecast Reports that provide analysis of business cycles (Accelerating Growth, Recovery, Slow Growth, or Recessions) and our specific market indicators:
  • U.S. Landscaping Services Employment,
  • U.S. Private Nonresidential Construction,
  • U.S. Private Residential Construction (including home improvement),
  • U.S. Lawn and Garden Equipment Production Index, and
  • U.S. Architectural and Related Services Revenue (excluding engineering).

NALP Economic Forecasts are released in December, March, June and September. Use your NALP member login to access the Economic Portal that houses the Quarterly Economic Forecast Reports and other resources.
NALP members also get free access to ITR’s online, real-time, leading indicator tool which affords member companies the privacy to run their own sales data against many different industry-specific indicators which provides companies with insights on how to better forecast demand, identify target markets, and manage potential risk. Note that Alliance works best when you have 7-10 years of sales data to input.

You’ll find an “Alliance” tab within the ITR Economic Portal. Click on it to sign up for your free account. If you have questions about Alliance, you can use the chat support on the ITR website or email [email protected].