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Certification Toolkit Contents

Purpose of the Toolkit - Credentials - Logos
Promote Your Certification - Bid Language - Press Release - Email - Website
Maintain Your Certification - Continuing Education - Recertification

Purpose of the Toolkit

Awareness is the key to leveraging your certification. This toolkit will give you a jumping-off point to begin marketing your certification to your clients, prospects, colleagues, and supervisors. Implementing even just a few of these ideas will help you on your way to:

  • Impressing and assuring customers
  • Enhancing your career
  • Earning respect from your peers
  • Generating demand for Landscape Industry Certified professionals

Check out what others are saying about the value of certification in this video.


To enhance and maintain uniformity for the Landscape Industry Certified brand, NALP has developed the ‘certification initials usage guide’ to explain how the brand should be applied to your credentials.

By following these guidelines, you’ll not only align yourself with the greater population of Landscape Industry Certified professionals under one recognizable brand, but you’ll help to enhance the brand’s value and notoriety in the marketplace.

Credentials Initials Usage Guide


Official Landscape Industry Certified logos are available for printed materials such as letterhead, business cards, stickers, and signs. You can use them on your Website, too.

2-Color Standard Logo Black and White Logo Reverse Type Logo –
for dark backgrounds




2-Color Manager Logo 2-Color Technician Logo 2-Color Manager &
Technician Logo




Landscape Industry Certified Logo for Company Use


Please refer to the ‘logo usage guidelines’ for proper usage.

Logo Usage Guidelines

Which version do I use?

  • JPG – for your Website
  • EPS – for high quality printed material
  • TIFF – for printed materials
EPS is generally preferred by most printers. You may not be able to open the EPS format unless you have the appropriate software.

EPS file formats   TIFF file formats



Remember to promote certification on bill stuffers, brochures, yard signs, banners, door hangers, bumper stickers, patches for uniforms, and lapel pins - all the accessories you need to remind customers and alert prospects to your Landscape Industry Certified status.

Bid Language

View sample

Example of a Landscape Industry Certified professional getting the credential included in local job bids: Klausing Group Lobbies for Certification

Press Release Templates

Send a press release to your local newspapers and other media outlets that publish information about local contractors for hire to get FREE publicity for your achievement.

How and Why to Promote the Landscape Industry Certification - Read Article

Press Release Template   Newly Certified Press Release

Email Signature

For instructions on how to add or change your standard email signature to include the Landscape Industry Certified logo; search “email signature” in your email program’s help menu. View sample


Help instill confidence in your website visitors by proudly displaying your Landscape Industry Certified status in a prominent location.

Prominent Location sample

Maintain Your Certification

Recertification is a mainstay of a quality certification program.  Certification maintenance ensures that you enhance the knowledge and skills needed to deliver and maintain a professional service to your clients and the community.  As a landscape professional, you must remain in a roundabout of ongoing career learning to stay on top of your game and certification maintenance demonstrates  your commitment to continuing competence.

NALP offers both online and print processes to easily maintain your credentials.  To recertify, every two (2) years you will (a) pay the recertification fee ($100) and (b) submit 24 hours of continuing education by the good-through date listed on your certification wallet card.

Visit the NALP Recertification Center  for instructions on how to recertify, or contact certification@landscapeprofessionals.org with any questions.

Stay Certified

If you have other ideas or suggestions for how we can add enhance or add-to the items in this toolkit, please send them to Margo Rash.