Landscape Industry Certified Manager

Take your management skills to the next level with the prestigious Landscape Industry Certified Manager credential. Brush up on the latest management strategies and prove your knowledge of customers, finance, operations, marketing, people management and strategy. Employers and customers value certified professionals. Begin your journey today!

Certification Process

Step 1.  Enroll
Step 2.  Purchase Study Materials from Suggested List
Step 3.  Study at Your Own Pace
Step 4.  Take the Exam at Your Convenience

Study Resources

The Landscape Industry Certified Manager is a self-study program. The following recommended study materials for the Landscape Industry Certified Manager exam are listed below. These materials may be purchased through the bookstore.

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About the Exam

The Landscape Industry Certified Manager program is a voluntary program that grants the use of the Landscape Industry Certified Manager credential to individuals, like yourself who meet the standardized criteria for knowledge, skills or abilities.  The knowledge needed to pass the examination is learned through self-study.  After you have dedicated sufficient time to self-study, you can take the Landscape Industry Certified Manager exam online, at your convenience, at your home or office through the respected national testing service - ProctorU. The Manager exam contains seven sections and each section must be passed with a 70% or above score. You can take all the sections at once, or take them individually. You can retake any sections that you don't pass the first time.

The exam includes the following sections:

  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Exterior Production, Operations & Hort.
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership and Corporate Citizenship
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Risk, Law and Contracts
  • Strategic Planning

Exam Fees

NALP Members

Full Exam: $550  
Section-by-Section Exam: $850
Retakes: $115 per section


Full Exam: $750
Section-by-Section Exam: $1050
Retakes: $140 per section

What People Are Saying...

The certification promotes professionalism. Professionalism is perceived as value to the community, to the clients that you service, and to your co-workers."

Tom Shotzbarger, Landscape Industry Certified, Shriner Tree Care