Landscape Industry Accredited Company

Looking for a way to make your company stand out, attract employees and win more bids? Then the Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation is for you. For years, Landscape Industry Certified has been the mark of excellence for individuals, and now, the Landscape Industry Accredited Company designation is the mark of excellence at the company level.  Learn more about how to apply for the designation and join the elite firms who have already become Landscape Industry Accredited Companies.

Landscape Industry Accredited Company, Heaviland Landscape Management, of Vista, California

Landscape Industry Accredited Companies Are the Best Because They Are:

  • Knowledgeable - Employing well-trained, Landscape Industry Certified employees,
  • Safe - Participating in the NALP Safe Company Program,
  • Ethical – Providing clear client communications and ethical operating procedures, and
  • In Compliance - With state, local, and federal codes, statutes, and licensing requirements.

What People Are Saying...

Just going through the application process of the Accredited Company Program made us a stronger company. We realized there were some areas we could improve upon. We feel confident that this will help us attract the best employees and be the best that we can be.

Shayne Newman, YardScapes