Accredited Degree Program

The National Association of Landscape Professionals Accredited Degree Program is the only nationally recognized endorsement offered to colleges with landscape/horticulture curricula that meet or exceed industry standards for a model curriculum. If you aren’t already accredited, start your journey today!

Why Should Your Program Become Accredited?

  • Stand Out. National recognition as a quality landscape contracting/horticulture program.
  • Grow Your Program. Prospective students and parents value programs with honors and accreditation.
  • Help Your Students. You’ll have access to NALP members for internship or full-time employment opportunities.
  • Stay Informed. Connect with the latest news and information about the landscape industry.
  • Discounts. You’ll get significant discounts for students and faculty for the National Collegiate Landscape Competition and Landscape Industry Certified exams.

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Maintain Your Accreditation

Schools who have received accreditation must maintain their status by completing the Annual Report by January 15 each year. Please click here to update.