Political Action Center

Decisions that affect our lives, businesses, and communities are a daily occurrence on Capitol Hill, in our state legislatures, and at City Hall. NALP PAC helps to provide a cohesive and unified message of who our members are and what we represent. In other words, the PAC serves as an important way to unify landscape professionals and speak in a singular voice on vital public policy matters. NALP PAC allows us to represent all NALP members to law makers through a well-organized, well-informed, and united front.

Invest in Your Profession Today!

One of the most important tools that we have at our disposal to represent your interests is our political action committee, NALP PAC.

NALP PAC is a vehicle that empowers us to speak with a united advocacy voice on behalf of landscape professionals. In politics, an individual is seldom powerful enough to successfully persuade members of Congress to take action. However, an organized effort representing the combined interests of an association of many like - minded professionals, such as what is offered by NALP-PAC, gives us a much better chance to be heard and respected.

NALP PAC increases the opportunity for the interests of landscape professionals to be taken into consideration on a multitude of issues that could impact your business and community. The PAC provides a way for us to be more proactive in getting out front on issues with federal office holders. That way, we are involved in the conversations that affect us. In other words, decisions are more likely to be made with us, and not for us.

NALP PAC commits 100% percent of contributions we receive to landscape professional friendly candidates and campaigns. Only our supporters, champions, and those in position to advance the advocacy interests of NALP members will receive NALP-PAC support!