Landscape Management Professionals

Landscape management professionals use their horticulture knowledge to design and install plant material, fertilize and treat plants, mow, prune, trim and provide a variety of services that improve and maintain a client’s landscape.

If you are a landscape management expert, or your company performs landscape management services, NALP has tools and resources that can help you grow and manage your business more effectively. We have gathered here for you, some of the top resources but many others exist in the safety or member center sections of our website.

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Landscape Management Training Resources

Safety Training
Here are a few great safety training resources available on our website:

Landscape Management Business Tools & Strategies

On Demand Webinars
NALP provides more than 40 new webinars a year, all of which are archived so you and your team can watch them live or on demand. NALP members can view a complete list of archived webinars. They provide strategies for financial and HR management, sales and marketing, safety, horticulture knowledge and more. Here are a few suggested webinars for landscape management professionals.

Get tips and strategies to help your business in the Landscape Professional Magazine, the weekly Essentials e-newsletter, and on our blog. Here are a few recent articles of interest:


  • Landscape Management Tool Kit - This tool kit provides sample forms, contracts and other documents for accounting, HR, safety and other aspects of running a landscape business.
  • Business in a Box - This tool box provides small to mid-sized contractors with tools, systems and solutions designed to enable owners, even those with relatively limited experience in running a business, to succeed, minimizing problems normally faced in building and operating a business in the landscape industry.

Landscape Management Certification

Many landscape management professionals choose to increase their marketability by going above and beyond the basic required licenses and they become certified - which increases their technical and business knowledge and skill set.

Here are the top certifications that many landscape management professionals often choose, however it is a good idea to review the entire list of options and learn more about the certification process.

Get a Business Mentor

NALP member landscape management professionals can sign-up for one-on-one mentoring with an experienced mentor (called a Trailblazer) who operates in a non-competing market. Have questions about specific parts of your business; financial, billing, sales, employee training, equipment and facilities questions? A visit with an NALP Trailblazer will provide answers. Have a look at the list of distinguished Landscape Management Trailblazers that you could be matched with.


I have been on both sides of the Trailblazer Program….as mentor and mentee. In the Landscape Management Specialty, there are many processes that are universal across all regions of the country. There is a real benefit to sharing systems and reports that can save huge amounts of time and money. As a Trailblazer, I am always happy to share what has worked for us and what hasn’t. I’ve been fortunate to have been on the receiving end from generous industry colleagues. To this day, I still implement ideas and information that have been provided to our company. If companies can get these “tools” into their hands while they are still small, it will help build a strong foundation for their future growth.

— Tom Heaviland, Heaviland Enterprises, Inc.

Recognition for Your Business

NALP presents awards to landscape management companies through its Awards of Excellence. View a gallery of 2016 commercial landscape management and residential landscape management winning projects and consider entering the 2017 awards to reward clients and staff and promote your company’s commitment to excellence.

Tools to Promote Landscape Management

NALP has great resources to share with the public, and with residential and commercial clients, to help educate them about the benefits of professional landscape management. Here are some great webpages, fact sheets and infographics to share. Is our consumer website. Here are some articles on commercial landscaping that you might want to share. Browse the whole commercial landscape section for more great content.

Here are some articles on residential landscaping that you might want to share.  You will find many more on the website.

Stay on Top of the Issues

It is important to know how local, state and federal regulations are affecting your business. Here are some resources to keep you up to date:

NALP Public Affairs Report Card – Review our new quarterly Public Affairs Score Card to see the status and progress of key issues.

Issues Dashboard - Check our Issues Dashboard to stay abreast of our work on issues including: local pesticide & fertilizers laws and restrictions, Waters of the US (WOTUS) clean water act, pollinator health, green building codes, water bans or limitations, leaf blower bans-noise restrictions, DOL overtime rule, Lyme disease and H-2B.

Membership in NALP

If you are a member of NALP and have questions about your membership, forgot your log in information, or if you would like to JOIN NALP, you can always email, or contact our Membership Director, or Membership Manager or call the office at 800-395-2522.