Accreditation is the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ endorsement of colleges and universities with outstanding landscape contracting or horticulture degrees. This recognition is extended to schools that meet or exceed industry standards for a model curriculum.

Graduates of accredited programs are highly sought after by every facet of the landscape profession. Companies know any student from an accredited school has the training and skills to enter the workforce and make an immediate impact.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals Accreditation is the only nationally recognized endorsement offered to colleges with landscape/horticulture curricula. Accreditation provides guidance to create and/or improve current program curricula, while providing both local and national recognition.

  • National recognition as a quality landscape contracting/horticulture program.
  • Use of accreditation for recruitment, program promotion and marketing.
  • Access to NALP members for internship or full-time employment opportunities.
  • Participation in the National Association of Landscape Professionals nationally recognized event - The National Collegiate Landscape Competition.
  • Significant discounts on select Landscape Industry Certified exams for students and faculty.
  • Access to the latest industry technology through publications.
  • Outstanding networking opportunities for faculty and students.

NALP Accredited Schools

List of Schools

Accreditation Annual Report - current participants must keep their accreditation status in full compliance by completing the Annual Report by December 15, 2017.

Accreditation Options

Two-Year Degree Program - this curriculum is designed to lead to an Associate Degree in Landscape Contracting or related specialty such as landscape maintenance, erosion control, or interior landscaping. The program should be called Landscape Contracting or Landscape Technology.

Four-Year Degree Program - a college curriculum leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Contracting. The program should be called Landscape Management or Landscape Horticulture.

For more information on becoming accredited, please contact Jenn Myers

Having an academic program endorsed and recognized by a national industry trade organization is both an honor and a privilege. This seal of approval benefits the industry, the educational institution, the faculty and staff, and most importantly of all, the student.
— William A. Anderson, Associate Dean/Director