Tips for promoting your award winning project



The following checklist has been put together as a tool to help you market your award-winning project. Use your award-winning status to its fullest potential. Be creative!


Be sure to hang the awards plaque you will be receiving in a highly visible place, such as your lobby. Ordering a companion plaque with a project photo provides more visibility. In addition, build customer relations by presenting a plaque to the client – word of mouth from a happy customer is some of your best advertising – be sure the client feels honored by the prestigious recognition bestowed by this award. Present your project owner with customer plaque that they may display in a prominent place in their office or home. Forward a congratulatory letter or press release to them with an explanation of the significance of the award.

Web site/Facebook/Social Media

Use photos and video of your award-winning project along with a good description and post on your Web and Facebook sites. Before and after shots are always interesting. You can also post video to YouTube for more corporate visibility. Remember to Tweet about your award too through Twitter. Include the award and description on your blog and in any company e-newsletters.

Award Logo

Promote your award on a daily basis. With our logo, you can print invoices, proposals, letterhead, business cards and other company documentation with the award logo. Include an award logo on all your business materials promoting your award-winning status.

Please contact Amy at if you have not received your logo yet.

Involve the Customer

Be sure to include your award-winning client in your promotional efforts. Make the client feel that they, too, deserve a part in the celebration of the project's success, because they certainly were a very large contributor to that success.


All forms of advertising will help promote your company, the industry and the award-winning project. Use pictures of your project to promote your award-winning status in ads in magazines and newspapers, and state “National Award-Winning Company” in your yellow page directory ad, on your business cards, and on your company Web site as well. Don’t forget to include the logo seal.


Be sure to mention your award-winning status on all bids and letters, by including a closing paragraph that refers to your recent award.


Create a display of your award-winning project(s) that can be set up at trade shows or other events.

Press Releases

Send a press release to your current and prospective clients and the media. Have your client give you a quote that you can use in the press release as well.

Please contact Amy at if you have not received your press release.