Landscape Industry Certified Technician – Exterior

Why Certify?

Certification gives you a comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of exterior or interior landscaping which includes the installation and maintenance of turf grass, shrubs, trees and flowers; walkways, patios, outdoor lighting, sprinkler and irrigation systems; ponds, fountains and waterways.

About the Exam

The Technician-Exterior exam has four specialty areas to choose from: Softscape Installation, Hardscape Installation, Turf Maintenance, Ornamental Maintenance or Irrigation. The exam has two (2) parts: a written and a skill test; both sections must be passed with a 70% or above to earn this designation.

Please note the following change: Beginning on January 1, 2020, the certification test will change and will only be given online through NALP. Click here to learn more about the upcoming changes to the testing process. 

State and Regional Test Administrators

The following landscape associations are licensed by NALP to offer this written and hand-on exam. Please contact the association nearest you for testing details. Each association establishes the fee structure for their test.

2019 Test Schedule

State/Province Test Administrator Phone #
California Allison LoDolce (916) 830-2780
Colorado Melissa Emdin (303) 757-5611
Hawaii Garrett Webb (808) 960-3650
Idaho Ann Bates (800) 462-4769
Indiana Rick Haggard (317) 889-2382
Kansas/MO Jane Male, CAE (816) 561-5323
MD/DC/VA Lynn Turner (301) 948-0810
Michigan Tiffany Higginbotham (248) 646-4992
Nevada Pamela Bedard
(775) 741-4283
New Jersey Gail Woolcott (201) 703-3600
Ohio Kim Sayers (330) 287-0100
Oregon Stacey Barrett (800) 505-8105
Washington Craig Ottaveli (360) 753-7442
Wisconsin Dawn Lambrecht (262) 782-9522
Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
Atlantic Region Edith Oyosoro (905) 875-1399 x 8650
British Columbia Edith Oyosoro
(905) 875-1399 x 8650
Ontario Edith Oyosoro
(905) 875-1399 x 8650
Prairie Region Edith Oyosoro
(905) 875-1399 x 8650

Study Materials