Why Not You?

By Richard D. Arlington III

THIS BOOK IS AN OPPORTUNITY. An opportunity to make up for lost time, an opportunity to breathe life into your dreams and become who you were meant to be. The wealthy business owner, the student, and the homeless man will find in its pages powerful lessons that will change how you view your capacity to achieve. Right when you're about to give up, DON'T.

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Proceeds of this book go to support veterans through the Texas Freedom Tribute

From Technician to CEO – The Evolution of a High‐Growth Pest Control and Lawn Care Company

By Daniel S. Gordon, CPA

This book looks into what it takes to build a successful pest management and lawn care business in this entertaining and insightful story about the evolution of a high‐growth family business. While the characters are fictional, the time‐tested business concepts are real and serve as a roadmap to success for the owner or manager of a pest management or lawn care company.

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The Harvest Way for Recruiting & Hiring the Right People

By Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman, The Harvest Group

The Harvest Recruiting Kit, along with some focused effort, will give you the foundation for a much needed, solid recruiting program.

  • Book: The Harvest Way for Recruiting & Hiring the Right People includes helpful hints, short stories with lessons learned, proven sources, 16 sample tools, and more.
  • Video Series: Step-by-step videos lead you through the key lessons covered in the book.
  • Workbook: Provides detailed information on how to implement your company’s recruiting strategy.
  • Toolbox: A collection of valuable tips and information on effective interviewing techniques and how to structure your recruiting efforts. All the tools are now downloadable and easily accessible for landscape contractors.

Also Included:

  • Free consulting for 1 hour with author for every person purchasing the kit.
  • Monthly live “teletraining” for all who purchase kit.
  • Free downloadable updates as they occur.

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Job Descriptions for Green Industry Professionals

By James Huston

This book is a practical, step-by-step, guide that contains over 95 detailed job descriptions specifically written for landscape industry professionals for virtually every position in your company to help entrepreneurs build a high-performance team that requires minimal supervision. This book contains over 300 pages and eight chapters of information that will help you run your company better, smarter and more profitably. Also includes sample employment ads and incentive program outlines. 

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Referral Advantage: How to Increase Sales and Grow Your Landscape Business 

By Jeffrey Scott

Written for the landscape industry contractor, this fun, easy-to-read how-to guide contains relevant examples and guidelines that will help companies increase the number of live leads that come from previous sales and from outside referral sources. This in-depth book will help all companies, large and small, during these trying economic times.

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Become a Destination Company℠

By Jeffrey Scott

Any company, large or small, can create a Destination Company environment and win the recruiting, hiring and employee development game. It all starts by having the right Destination Company℠ mindset.

This complimentary eBook will show you what to do and how to do it - and how to encourage high productivity from your staff so everyone wins. It will become your competitive advantage!

Download the FREE eBook to learn the 7 pillars to become a Destination Company℠:

  1. Vision is an Action Verb
  2. Creating A Culture of Excellence
  3. Treating Recruiting like Marketing & Sales
  4. Values-Based Hiring & Managing
  5. People Systems First, Then Production Systems - A Roadmap to Success
  6. Shared Leadership
  7. Creating an Ownership Culture