NALP Position Statements

In support of the “relentless advocacy” pillar of the NALP, during their December 2016 meeting the Board of Directors approved position statements for each of our core advocacy issues. The intent with these statements is to be as succinct as possible and to try to avoid multiple issues which only add greater complexity to the message. In short, the purpose of these statements is so that if NALP or a member is asked where we stand on a given issue, we can easily convey a short, consensus, Board approved response. We encourage all NALP members to use the short statements when asked for the position of landscape professionals by either elected officials or the media. It is our hope that these short statements will help to advance NALP and member interest through consistency of message and a more unified voice.


Position Statement: Turfgrass Biotechnology
The National Association of Landscape Professionals supports the development of turfgrasses enhanced through biotechnology using a measured, transparent, and science-based regulatory process involving appropriate government agencies. We believe that this approach is consistent with current definitions of integrated pest management and will speed the process of developing superior turf varieties, delivering improved drought and pest resistance for this all important component of our modern landscape.

Position Statement: H-2B and Comprehensive Immigration Reform
The National Association of Landscape Professionals believes that the H-2B guest worker program is a fundamental source for obtaining labor for the landscape professional industry. It is the most reliable source of documented, seasonal, visa-holding non-immigrant workers who fit our labor needs. We strongly support the extension of the H2B guest worker program and would vigorously oppose legislative actions to limit or eliminate it. In addition, we support comprehensive immigration reform legislation that provides an acceptable mechanism for legalizing improperly documented workers or legislation that gives employers access to a steady workforce of seasonal, full-time guest workers, provided that employers are granted the opportunity to gradually replace a worker who is found to be improperly documented. Such legislation must not eliminate the current H2B program or place undue economic burdens on employers.

Position Statement: Leaf Blowers
NALP supports the premise that landscape professionals should have access to use all necessary tools to provide landscape and lawn care maintenance and related services. Consequently, we oppose efforts to ban or restrict the use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers. NALP believes such measures are unnecessary, result in bad public policy, are extremely difficult to enforce, and serve no public good.

Position Statement: Pesticide Regulation and Use
The National Association of Landscape Professionals supports the use of a risk-based assessment process by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) when evaluating the safety of pesticides for landscape and lawn care purposes. By using this approach, the EPA bases its pesticide registration decisions on the results of rigorous testing using scientific principles and data on environmental and human exposure risks associated with products meant to enhance America’s landscape. EPA registration of a pesticide is a determination of acceptable risk when these products are used according to label directions. We oppose the abandonment of this sound proven strategy in favor of “the precautionary principle” which is potentially based on spurious connection rather than grounded in scientific fact.

Position Statement: Environmental Importance of Managed Turf
The National Association of Landscape Professionals supports policies and programs that recognize the versatility, resilience, and sustainability of natural regularly managed turf grass. It is an environmentally friendly plant that easily adapts to regional climate differences, promotes biodiversity, enhances air quality, prevents soil erosion, and holds many other significant benefits. NALP opposes efforts to restrict the use of managed turf in landscape design through legislative or regulatory means.

Position Statement: Water Stewardship
The National Association of Landscape Professionals supports efforts to ensure an abundance of clean, unpolluted water to meet the needs of the world’s growing population, while also sustaining green, healthy landscapes with their many environmental, economic, and quality-of-life benefits. We strive to promote effective and responsible landscape water use and to support the role of landscape professionals as stewards of water and the natural environment.

Position Statement: Nutrient Contamination
The National Association of Landscape Professionals supports efforts to mitigate nutrient contamination of groundwater. However, current research indicates that leaching and runoff of fertilizer from turf is not a major concern. In fact, leading university research shows that properly fertilized turf prevents soil erosion which is a recognized water contaminant. Many potential sources can cause nutrient contamination of ground water. These include leaching from improperly maintained or malfunctioning septic tanks, construction sites, deterioration and release of nutrients from aging sewer lines, and animal feed lots and pet excrement. These sources of contaminants have been shown repeatedly to be a larger concern than normal lawn fertilization in ground water and surface water contamination. Consequently, NALP opposes efforts to ban or restrict proper fertilizer usage in proximity to bodies of water.

Position Statement: Worker Protection
The National Association of Landscape Professionals believes that worker safety and health is a fundamental responsibility of the landscape industry. Consequently, we recommend that all landscape industry businesses adopt specific guidelines and operating procedures that help to ensure the well-being of their employees.