Photo Selection

  • Submit a minimum of 10 photos and a maximum of 17. Design/Build entries must submit a minimum of 12 photos and a maximum of 17 and the design layout should be the last photo. NOTE: No company information is allowed on the design. If company information is listed, your entry could be disqualified.
  • It is important that your photos be of the highest quality and provides a thorough view of your project.
  • Review your selected photos carefully and don’t show anything that could defeat the credibility of your project as an award recipient; for example, nursery pots should not be showing
  • Leaves should not be covering the lawn/patio
  • Garden hoses should not be left out
  • Photos must be current.
  • Multiple views within one digital image are not allowed.
  • Always lead off and end with beautiful “after” photos rather than “before” images. The first and last photos will be viewed longer than any others in your presentation — the first one is displayed during the project description, and the last is displayed while the judges are scoring.
  • Be sure your company name does not appear in any of the photos (uniforms, trucks, etc.).
  • Pay careful attention to lighting when taking photos — poor lighting will result in poor quality images, which will hurt your chances of receiving an award.

Photo Description

  • Be concise with the verbiage, especially with special features, obstacles, timelines, etc.
  • Avoid overly dramatic language.
  • Do not use your company name in the description.
  • Have someone else proof the submittal to ensure it makes sense.

File Format

  • JPEG files are PREFERRED - but only if saved at the lowest compression/highest quality settings.
  • Images should be at least 2 megapixels (2000 x 1312 pixels or larger).
  • Smaller photos will look fuzzy when projected to the judges and at the awards ceremony.
  • TIFF, BMP or PNG files may also be submitted.
  • Please use lossless compression when saving other bitmap formats.
  • DO NOT submit your images in PowerPoint or any other presentation program.

Image Selection

  • Provide a range of images showing the scale of the project. Do not include more than 2-3 “before” or “in process” images as the judges need to see the final result to fairly assess the finished project.
  • For judging and awards presentation video purposes, horizontal photos are preferred so please limit your use of vertical-oriented photos. The judging screen is horizontal. Vertical photos appear small to the judges, and must be severely cropped for the awards video. If you need to illustrate vertical scale of a project feature, use a wide angle lens while holding the camera horizontally.

Photo Cropping (optional)

As all images used in the awards presentation video will be cropped to a 16 x 9 widescreen aspect ratio after judging, you have option to pre-crop your images to achieve the most pleasing aesthetic to your eye. (When our producer crops the photo, the details you wish to highlight may be omitted.) Be sure your final cropped image is at least 2000 pixels in width.

Image File Names

Before submitting your photos, rename your image files using an abbreviated version of the project name and number them 01, 02, 03, etc., to reflect the order in which you wish the judges to view them. (Use leading zeros on single digits so the files stay in order).

Photo Release

The National Association of Landscape Professionals publishes photographs of projects in its publications and marketing/promotional materials, on its website, and sends them to the media. These photographs serve to inspire others in the lawn and landscape industry, to enhance our industry’s value and reputation, and to recognize your hard work. You will be asked to complete the photo release form during the application process.