People Academy Live

People Academy Live!

An NALP Regional Workshop Experience

Program Overview

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The war for people is on. Surveys show that finding and keeping good people is one of the top challenges for landscape and lawn care companies and the challenge is now nearing crisis levels as fewer people are making the landscape business a career choice and legislative and regulatory restraints put additional pressures on our industry. Landscape businesses must be equipped with the right tools, systems, processes and practices in order to grow their businesses and fill needed positions within their companies with the best possible talent.

NALP, in conjunction with renowned landscape industry experts from The Harvest Group, dove into a comprehensive overview of the people challenge in our industry and taught the step-by-step system that will enable landscape industry professionals to recruit and retain the right people to achieve sustainable success for their business.

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Workshop Presenters:
Head Harvesters
The Harvest Group
  • Ed Laflamme, LIC
  • Bill Arman
  • Steve Cesare, Ph.D.

Couldn't join us for People Academy Live! in Orlando or Dallas? Attendees learned how to better manage their company's most valuable asset - employees.

Key Takeaways

  • How to determine your “people” needs
  • How to find and recruit the people you need
  • How to screen, interview and evaluate your candidates
  • How to create a positive company culture
  • How to be sure you are in compliance with state and federal laws
  • How organization charts help save money and bring clarity to your organization
  • How to grow and create loyalty with career ladders
  • How to create loyal and motivated people

Landscape Professionals Learned...

  1. How to build a great culture that attracts and keeps the right people on board
  2. How to avoid the Top 5 most costly mistakes that involve people management
  3. Strategies to set up and administer the HR part of your business
  4. Have a people plan/map in place that clearly shows what and when your needs will be in the future
  5. How to on-board people to work productively and safely in the shortest period of time
  6. Tips, tactics, and techniques to build a recruiting system that keeps your people funnel full
  7. How to keep and grow your people so the best will stay

Attendees also received

  • Complimentary tour of Massey Services and Southern Botanical
  • Recruiting Tool Kit (a $497.00 value)
  • All course materials, workbooks and handouts
  • Complimentary book: The Harvest Way 1.0 – Helping you get from where you are now to where you deserve to be….The Harvest Way