About the Landscape Industry

Who We Are

The landscape industry is a larger than $80 billion dollar industry in the United States, employing approximately 1 million people and is comprised of companies that specialize in lawn care, landscape design, landscape maintenance, irrigation and water management, tree care, and the design, build and installation of decks, patios, walkways and outdoor living spaces. Many companies offer additional services like snow removal, holiday lighting, and interior plant design and installation. Industry companies range in size from small businesses with a handful of employees, to billion dollar firms that have multiple branches in different states. Industry professionals also work as groundskeepers, parks and forestry experts, and as horticulture experts at botanical gardens, zoos, and more.

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What We Do

Landscape industry professionals have specialized horticulture and technical knowledge to design, build, and maintain healthy green spaces in communities across the country including backyards, sports fields, parks, gardens, outdoor living spaces, green roofs, and more around homes or office buildings, hospitals, schools and other facilities. Some companies work with residential or commercial clients or a combination of both, but all landscape industry professionals contribute to creating outdoor spaces that strengthen the fabric of their communities.

Economic Impact

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Thousands of students graduate each year from 2-year and 4-year college horticulture and landscape programs and join the industry. They are trained in business development, marketing and sales, horticulture, and landscape design and maintenance.

Even though the industry employees approximately 1 million workers there is still a chronic shortage of qualified employees at all levels from lawn care and landscape technicians and managers to landscape designers and sustainability experts. The industry needs more qualified workers to meet the demand.

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Why a Career in the Landscape Industry