Virtual Legislative Days

Beginning February 15, 2022
Washington, DC

Whether you own or manage a landscape or lawn care company, are a key team member, or an industry supplier or partner, you are encouraged to attend Legislative Days virtually, February 15. You'll learn about the issues that are impacting your business at the local, state and federal levels including H-2B program limitations, pesticide restrictions, gas-powered equipment bans and more. And, you'll team up with other industry professionals to meet with legislators from your district or state and let them know how these issues impact your ability to do business. 

Become an advocate for your company, your clients, and the important work our industry does. Legislative Days is informative, impactful and fun! Network with top professionals and connect with industry experts that will illuminate the most important issues affecting landscape and lawn care businesses in 2022. We need to come together as an industry to be a force for change. 

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If you'd like to attend Virtual Legislative Days email Karla Segundo.

The H-2B Program

The landscape industry is the largest user of the H-2B visa program by a significant margin. A lack of H-2B workers during the past few years has forced landscape businesses to turn away customers, scale back service and cancel planned capital equipment purchases. Our legislative team lobbies year-round to keep H-2B viable, but we can't do it alone. If your company uses the H-2B program, we need your voice at Legislative Days.

Responsible Policies for Industry Inputs

Properly managed lawns and landscapes are critical components of a healthy environment.  Healthy lawns and ornamental plantings help mitigate run-off and erosion while producing oxygen and sequestering atmospheric carbon. Lawn care and landscape professionals are committed to environmental stewardship through responsibly maintaining healthy green spaces. We need to ensure that at the all levels of government - from city councils to the Federal government – legislators and regulators understand the critical importance of fertilizer and pesticide products and how we properly and responsibly use them. If you want to ensure that policymakers understand the science of lawn care and landscape management, then you need to attend Legislative Days. 

Transitioning from Gas-Power to Electric Equipment

California has banned the sale of all gas-powered landscape equipment beginning in 2024. As an industry we are stewards of the environment and are committed to sustainable practices including reducing carbon emissions as quickly as possible. However, we must do so in a responsible manner that mitigates the negative financial impact it has on businesses. More states are expected to introduce legislation that would ban the sale and use of gasoline-powered equipment. We must tell Congress to act at the federal level.  We need to advocate for legislation that will include funding for tax credits, incentives, and rebate programs to help the industry transition from gasoline to electric equipment. This issue affects everyone in the industry, and we need your voice.  

How Does the Virtual Day on the Hill Work?

Once you register for Legislative Days, our team will schedule appointments for you with your respective congressional and senate offices. In many cases, you'll be teamed up with other landscape and lawn care professionals and you'll attend the meetings together as a group.  What will you say? We've got you covered.  During the conference sessions you'll get briefings on the issues and you'll receive talking points and handouts to take with you. You'll be fully briefed and prepared.  It's not hard - ultimately you'll just be explaining to staffers and legislators how certain issues impact your business. Your expertise and personal stories are what make the difference! 

RSVP Now to Participate

If you'd like to attend Virtual Legislative Days email Karla Segundo.

What People Are Saying...

Legislative Day on the Hill was a very rewarding experience. It was great to participate in the political process and advocate for the industry. I really enjoyed meeting my elected official and showing them the pride we take in being a landscape professional. I know our efforts made an impact!"

Paul Fraynd, Sun Valley Landscaping




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