Landscape Industry Careers Research

To support its mission to attract, inspire, and support the education and advancement of landscape professionals who create and manage healthy green spaces for the benefit of society, the Foundation commissioned research to document the current employment opportunities in the landscape industry. The landscape industry has a chronic shortage of both qualified employees at the management level as well as labor. The Foundation is working to attract new employees into the industry through public information about the numerous opportunities and career paths that are available, and the cornerstone is research that demonstrates the number of jobs and the competitive salaries and benefits that are available.

The Research Study

In the spring of 2015, the Stevenson Company, a nationally recognized market-research firm, surveyed a cross-section of landscape industry companies in order to document the number of jobs that are available in in the industry and the compensation and benefits for the following jobs;  executive, management, sales, design, professional, office staff, and labor.

Download the Report of Key Findings. (Note - Foundation donors and NALP members have access to the complete report which includes employment and compensation data by geographic region and company size.)

Read a press release including survey results.

Download an infographic about the survey.

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