Educating Property Managers About the Value of the Industry and its Professionals

August's issue of Properties Magazine ran our byline on the top five benefits of starting the snow removal process in the summer. And speaking of snow, Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine ran the piece we co-wrote with SIMA on preparing for inclement weather in its September issue.

Check out digital page 19 for our article in Athletics Administration on how the proper landscape elements can support a college’s brand. Special thanks to Stihl for this opportunity.

Building and Services Management published Five Considerations: Outsourcing Landscape and Turf Services, which recommended facility executives partner with certified and licensed members of the NALP to outsource their landscape services.

We penned an article entitled Steps Toward Sustainability: Five Ways to Make Your Landscape Greener for Facility Executive magazine that will run this fall.

We also wrote an article for Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine about green spaces on commercial properties. Specifically, simple ways developers, investors and builders can maximize relationships with landscape professionals to incorporate green spaces into their properties to gain competitive advantage.


Raising Industry's Visibility and Showcasing Professionals

Whoa! How Many People Watched? – We hosted our first Facebook Live last month during which NALP’s Bob Mann told homeowners that the investment they make in their lawn in the fall will pay dividends for the spring. Would you be surprised to learn that over 18,000 people watched this video?

REVISED Market Penetration Research – Last month we released some meaty research, only to find the data on fertilizer was missing! The report has been updated with the omitted info. If you haven’t already looked, check it out to find out what percentage of homeowners engage with professionals for specialty services. With your help, our work will help those numbers climb over the years! Also check out the report’s information about buying behaviors to guide your company’s marketing efforts. This data is available EXCLUSIVELY to IGI investors as our way of saying thank-you for your support.

More Commercials Please! Commercial article placements that is! Following last month’s report about five articles placed in commercial outlets, we secured two more this month, in the Journal of Property Management about the work to be done with landscape management after winter’s weather and Building Services Management has asked us to write an article on reviving commercial landscapes in the spring. We are telling your story.

New Pro Tips Video Created – To give consumers even more reasons to turn to us for advice, we released the first in our series of pro tips videos. How to Use Thrillers, Fillers, and Fillers to Create Outstanding Planters, debuted on social last month. Two more, on proper mowing techniques and on the how to’s of pruning, will air once the weather warms. All reinforce the value of the work done by professionals and are quite sharable!

Winter Work for Professionals – We’ve launched our new ad campaign to remind homeowners about the winter work professionals do including holiday lighting and décor, snow removal, tree care and pruning, and more! “Tis the season!

Showcasing What's Hot - We highlighted some of the work professionals do best through our recent release on The Top 5 Landscape Design Trends of Fall 2017. The release is already seeing tremendous interest with story coverage!

The AP article on courtyards we supported has run in more than 80 news outlets including! The piece was syndicated to regional newspapers across the country.

Look for us next time you travel via Alaska Air as they reached out to us to ask about the latest trends in outdoor entertaining. We love opportunities to boast about living life outside! asked NALP for information on 6 BIG problems people make with lawn care. We also offered info on where to find a pro! sought NALP's expertise for a front page posting, Bad Neighbors: 11 Plan Pairs Never to Grow Side by Side.

Check out our information on the importance of seeding that appeared on the front page of USA Today and that was also seen in 24 other outlets across the country (e.g. - Poughkeepsie, Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Cincinnati, Phoenix, and more), for a readership of more than 3 million!

Check out Kiplinger's Personal Finance online article, 13 Ways to Simplify Your Finances, that encourages readers to use a landscape professionals and find one at

Spreading the word! - We launched a content marketing program, promoting NALP generated content on sites including,, and

Toward Our Efforts to Grow the Workforce:

Raising Visibility About Industry Careers

Advertising Blitz Has Started – Are your “help wanted” ads on our job board? We have started the first portion of our ad blitz to drive tens of thousands of people to the site between now and March. We are targeting 1) those who are actively seeking new jobs and have an interest in the outdoors; 2) those interested in career opportunities, the outdoors and have similar online behavior to those who have visited recently; and 3) Spanish speakers who are interested in landscaping, the outdoors and new job opportunities.

Landscape Career Day – We have been brainstorming with industry companies and state association partners to launch the industry’s career day this spring! Watch for a complete easy-to-use toolkit coming your way in January so you can begin planning how you can showcase the profession to would-be employees.

Success at FFA Show – Our first-ever booth at the FFA show last month was INCREDIBLY well attended. Hundreds (and hundreds!) of students stopped by to learn more about the industry – and play some of our giant, over-sized games! Thank you to Stihl for offering prize packages to add even more sizzle to our booth.

We continued our advertising campaign to interest men and woman in industry careers. Last month, our ads reached 358,996 people. Site traffic was up 82% in August (12,707 views) compared to July. We are poised and ready for our major advertising blitz to support the industry’s big hiring season, November – February. Get ready!


Promoting Professionals! - Over the past few weeks we have been running a Find-a-Pro ad on Facebook and reached 95,086 unique Facebook users, resulting in nearly 4,000 clicks to our find a pro search page on!

Launched Facebook advertising campaign encouraging students and general outdoor enthusiasts to consider industry careers and visit


Launched Employee Recruitment Toolbox (exclusively for IGI Investors) with:

Career On-Pager                   PPT for Students                      Industry Coloring Book         Social Recruiting Guide