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The Industry Growth Initiative is changing perceptions and narratives about the industry through aggressive public relations efforts that will redefine our image, making this a sought-after field of employment. With your help, we will grow the workforce.

Here's How:

  • Engage in an aggressive media campaign that broadly promotes the outstanding industry career opportunities that exist
  • Sponsor content about industry career opportunities in national media outlets
  • Bring attention to industry careers through substantial advertising and active social media outreach
  • Create a website with educational and fun activities, games, and science fair projects to begin speaking to children before high school and “planting the seed” about outdoor careers
  • Create useful collateral that can be used by industry companies in employee recruitment
  • Retain a celebrity spokesperson to promote industry careers
  • Engage in partnerships with key stakeholder groups to promote industry career paths (e.g. – FFA, high school agricultural educators, 4H, veterans’ employment organizations, etc.)

In addition to shaping the opinions of our future employees, we are supporting those who want to study in our field. Here’s how:

  • Support colleges and universities that offer industry focused education
  • Offer scholarship assistance to deserving students interested in industry careers
  • Create industry-focused model curriculum for high schools and vocational schools and work on adoption within schools across the country

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Advertising Campaign

The Industry Growth Initiative is changing perceptions and narratives about the industry through aggressive public relations efforts that will help home and business owners recognize the value of investment in their outdoor spaces and help them better understand the expertise afforded by industry professionals. With your help, we will grow the industry through promotion and protection.

Here's How:

  • Develop a “hire a professional” television advertisement to be deployed nationally
  • Expand dynamic media relations efforts to showcase the industry and the value it provides, building on the 200+ million impressions earned in the first year of IGI’s organization - this means more placements like those we have earned in Angie’s List,, AP, USA Today, Southern, CNN, Fox and Friends – and more!
  • Work with HGTV (and similar networks) to develop a television pilot that draws attention to the landscape industry and landscape industry careers.
  • Sponsor content about the value of industry professionals in national media outlets
  • Advertise and use social media to promote the industry and use of its professionals
  • Place articles in magazines targeted at business owners to strengthen perceptions of the value professionals offer and reduce the image of landscape maintenance as a commodity purchase
  • Conduct research to better understand consumers’ needs and gather data to educate the public about the industry
  • Produce videos about the benefits of outdoor living and managed lawns and landscapes and that reinforce the expertise of industry professionals
  • Protect the industry’s reputation when activists attempt to speak for us or when well-intentioned journalists get the facts wrong