The positive exposure created for the industry through the Industry Growth Initiative is essential for professional landscape companies. The exposure is important. So is your support. Countless other industries have banded together to solve their biggest challenges and their messages are resonating. We need our voice – about the benefits of the professional landscape industry – to rise above all those seeking the public’s attention. Join us to ensure our messaging reaches and resonates with aspiring landscape professionals and to promote and protect our industry’s reputation and value to the business-buying public.

Support the Industry Growth Initiative if…

  • You want to raise the perception of professionalism in our industry
  • You struggle to find employees
  • You believe the industry needs an effective voice and presence to customers
  • You wish the value of managed green spaces was better understood
  • You want to highlight the expertise and professionalism industry companies offer
  • You want the industry to connect with young people to educate them as tomorrow’s workforce and customers
  • You are tired of activists trying to control messaging our industry. (After all, no one is more of an environmentalist than a landscape professional!)
  • Your business plan relies on increased market share
  • You are an industry operator, consultant, or supplier and want to support growth for your customers –and accordingly, your business enterprise

If your livelihood is connected to the professional landscape industry, support the Industry Growth Initiative to make a difference for your future.