IGI Spotlight

My team and I are passionate about the landscape industry - we love what we do! We have decided to help share this passion with the world, to tell our story as landscapers and to invest in our future by supporting the Industry Growth Initiative. The IGI is the landscapers “got milk” campaign and will help to establish NALP as THE voice of the Green industry, ensuring we own our message and activists don’t try and speak for us. The IGI will help grow my business by encouraging the next generation of landscapers to seek careers in the industry and by informing our clients of the benefits we provide our local communities. I am proud to call myself a landscaper and I am proud to stand up for our industry with the Industry Growth Initiative.
-- Paul Fraynd, CTP
CEO, Partner
Sun Valley Landscaping

Paul Fraynd

                        Powered by the NALP Foundation

The Industry Growth Initiative was launched by the National
Association of Landscape Professionals in 2016 to grow the
industry and its workforce by influencing the public’s perception
of the work our professionals do. IGI is a movement of those
who want to showcase the professionalism and expertise that
is pervasive in the field, demonstrate our commitment to
environmental stewardship and showcase the outstanding
career opportunities that exist. In short, IGI is boasting and
bragging about the industry to anyone and everyone –
students, their parents, home owners, property managers,
and elected officials.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals
Foundation is leading the charge to ensure the success of
IGI’s efforts through a focus on fundraising. The Foundation,
comprised of industry professionals, has a proven track
record. Since 1998 the Foundation has raised funds to
grant more than a million dollars in scholarships to help
deserving students pursue the collegiate education
necessary for their careers as landscape professionals.
The Foundation will continue to award scholarships – but
its broadened commitment to industry and workforce
growth will make an essential and lasting impact for
industry businesses.