National Collegiate Landscape Competition

Join us next year at Brigham Young University

March 15-18, 2017.

To see photos from the 2016 National Collegiate Landscape Competition, view the photo gallery. The password is crossroads



"Students have an awesome opportunity to accelerate their knowledge and careers by attending Student Career Days (now the National Collegiate Landscape Competition). Not only will students understand what the hands-on application is like, but in talking with industry leaders it will help steer there course to the desired field of interest within the green industry. Having attended Student Career Days twice as a student, and twice as an industry member, I can say with great satisfaction that the experiences and opportunities that are provided through the conduit of Student Career Days far exceed anything you could ever expect or hope for."

— Timothy Hawkins, Del Conte's Landscaping, Inc.

"Several of my students have often referred to Student Career Days (now the National Collegiate Landscape Competition) as a life changing experience. Through their participation they were able to establish a national network of landscape industry leaders, students, professors and potential employers. They returned to campus with a sense of pride for their chosen career track, and having the opportunity to represent their university on a national scale."

— Steven Cohan, Ph.D., University of Maryland

"Having experienced SCD (now the National Collegiate Landscape Competition) when I was in college and just beginning to learn what the industry had in store is reason enough to give back to today's students in the same, and hopefully better, way. The one thing that hasn't changed over the years is that students are eager to jump into the industry, and it is great for us to be there to welcome them."

— Eric Gilbey, RLA, Vectorworks


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