October 20 Sessions

Breakfast with Champions

Day two of this LANDSCAPES favorite tradition! Once again, we will set up more than 50 networking tables, each with a different topic and a different industry expert. Enjoy your breakfast with the biggest names in the business, and talk shop! Take this incredible opportunity to get a 360° perspective on your business, learn new strategies and get to know your colleagues.

Student Employer Roundtable

Meet tomorrow's landscape industry professionals at NALP's Student/Employer Roundtable Recruiting Session. Employers will be stationed at roundtables, and the students will select employers with which to network. Every 10 minutes, with 5 minute intervals between each round, the students will select new tables and network with new employers; students will have the opportunity to complete six rounds. For more information, email Jenn@landscapeprofessionals.org.

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Three Specialties:
Design Build
Landscape Management
Lawn Care

Get unprecedented access to some of the most successful CEOs in the landscape industry. These relaxed, "off-the-cuff" power sessions will give you the chance to ask questions in an informal, conversational environment. This conference is about giving you a 360° perspective on your business, so we'll have a panel of CEOs from lawn care, landscape management and the design-build sector - just pick your specialty! The CEOs Unplugged sessions at the 2017 NALP Leader's Forum were such a huge hit we've brought the concept to LANDSCAPES 2017, so this promises to be a conference highlight.

How to Treat Your Business Like an Investment
Craig Castelli, Caber Hill Advisors
Track: Business Management (Advanced)

Explore advanced financial management for landscape industry businesses. Learn about cash flow management, budgeting, investing and preparing for a transition to a new owner. You'll be introduced to the key financial ratios that measure the financial health of a business, and learn how to assess the financial health of your own company. Craig will also explore the concept of cash flow, and discuss exit planning.

Recruiting to Win: Hiring in Today's Digital Age
Maria Mayorga, Coalmarch Productions
Track: Human Resources

Learn how to build an effective recruitment strategy that attracts dynamic, diverse, and highly qualified candidates, year-round. Define your recruitment goals, understand how the language in job descriptions can influence the applicant pool, and create an internal campaign to generate reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed. You'll also learn how to implement a nurturing campaign to keep qualified candidates in the pipeline.

Decision Making Made Practical
Gary Schwantz, Ph.D., Schwantz, Inc.
Track: Leadership

This is not a workshop on the steps involved in decision making. This dynamic session will focus on creating an environment that encourages sound decision making. You'll explore creative ways to make good decisions, and critical yet simple ways to avoid making bad decisions. You'll learn how to build a business climate that promotes self-direction, service, initiative and decision-making, and how to know when you should follow your instincts - and when you shouldn't.

Your Sales Pipeline is Your Oxygen - Develop a Sales System or Die
Mike Rorie, Go iLawn
Track: Sales and Marketing

A consistent and healthy sales pipeline is an essential component of your company's growth and ongoing success. Understanding your sales ratios and several other key performance indicators (KPIs) is your ticket to making strategic decisions that will accelerate your growth. Without a sales management system in place, dissecting these key numbers can be a daunting task. Learn what an efficient sales system looks like, and identify your KPIs for sales goals and growth.

Powerful Ways to Make Changes Stick in Your Landscape Industry Company
Bill Silverman, Springboard Business Coaching
Track: Operations

Are you frustrated because most of the programs and procedures you introduce to your business don't seem to stick? You're not alone! Research shows most business improvement efforts fail, resulting in wasted time, wasted money and missed opportunities. As your business grows, it can become even more difficult to make business-building changes. To consistently achieve great business results, you need to master the skills for making change stick.

Finishing on Top: Create a Game Plan for Selling Your Business
Ron Edmonds, The Principium Group
Track: Business Management

You've probably heard stories about lawn and landscape industry business owners who hit a home run when they sold their businesses. How did they do it? It's not just luck. Most successful business owners have a game plan for when it comes time to sell their business. Learn how to create a blueprint for selling your business, and join Ron as he examines real-life case studies to show you, too, can finish on top.

Sustainable Business Practices and a Sustainable Life
Frank Crandall, Horticultural Solutions, LLC
Track: Business Management

Business and personal success are intertwined, not mutually exclusive. You need to make sure you are taking care of your personal life, and you also need to devise systems so your business can operate smoothly, sustainably and profitably. This presentation will outline ingredients and strategies to achieve these goals.

Emotional Intelligence: The One Thing Recruiters Fail to Consider
Glenn Bertha, LandOpt and Denny Langston, Southern Scape
Track: Human Resources

Studies show show that emotional intelligence is a key attribute of effective leaders, innovators and managers, but too few managers have these skills. Emotional intelligence can be learned, but in this fast-paced world it's essential to hire people who already have these skills, and to provide a culture where EI can thrive. Glenn and Denny will bring theory and application together in this unique presentation.

Powerful Time-Saving Tools and Strategies for QuickBooks Users
Monica Mitchell Muir, Muir & Associates, LLC
Track: Operations

Many QuickBooks users are unaware of features that can help them get their work done much faster. From data entry to reporting, you'll walk away from this session with a long list of tools and strategies that will cut bookkeeping time so you can get other work done -- or go home sooner! Monica will go over the six major power tools in QuickBooks, explore your remote-access options and introduce time-saving QuickBooks add-ons.

Relationship Selling in the Trust Economy
Jeff Korhan, Landscape Digital Institute
Track: Sales and Marketing

Savvy selling today takes a problem-centered approach designed to create a foundation of trust. Buyers now have access to abundant information, and are seeking a personal relationship with people in a business before they will embark on a journey with it. Learn how to build a repeatable sales process that gives buyers confidence by showing them not just what you can do to solve their problems, but how and why.

Results of The Employee Compensation Report for the Landscape Industry 2017
Dan Gordon, Turf Books and Fred Haskett, The Harvest Group
Track: Operations

In today's competitive business environment, the need to operate more efficiently and profitably has never been greater. Information is power. One of the most powerful tools in business is benchmarking against the past, the future and most importantly against industry standards.

By measuring and comparing compensation statistics from your company against other successful players in the industry we can better understand cost structure (as compensation is our largest cost) improve effective recruiting tactics and build better teams through incentive packages and providing top notch employee benefits as well as reduce turnover.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • An inside look at the statistics compiled in the 2017 NALP Industry Compensation Survey.
  • Tools to understand what others in the Industry pay employees based on their job descriptions.
  • Tools to understand what others in the Industry provide in terms of Employee Benefits based on their job descriptions.
  • Job descriptions used by many employers in the various facets of Land Care Management.