Learn about the top 3 ways NALP membership can improve your business, and find us at the GIE+EXPO:

  1. Find and retain quality employees
    • Recruit college-educated candidates at the 40th annual National Collegiate Landscape Competition – a three-day career event bringing together more than 800 students from across the country for a Career Fair and live skills demonstrations.
    • Become more knowledgeable about industry compensation and by reading the new Landscape Industry Careers Research Study
    • Improve your company culture and HR practices with access to our members-only HR resources, like the new employee handbook template and free advice from our HR adviser
  2. Successfully train new and existing employees
    • Integrate our comprehensive safety training program in both English and Spanish.
    • Train lawn care technicians in as few as 15 days with our new Lawn Care Technician Training Program
    • Save on landscape maintenance, irrigation, and installation training resources, complete with how-to videos.
  3. Grow or improve your business without having to recreate the wheel
    • We have templates for all kinds of things: budgets, project estimations, proposals, you name it! Plus, weekly webinars on a variety of business topics archived for viewing on demand.
    • Get one-on-one peer mentoring through our Trailblazer program
    • Trusted advice is available for free from our HR, legal, safety, PR, and legislative advisers

We are committed to your success and essential to your growth.