Our government relations team, including staff, consultants and lobbyists, works with federal, state and local regulators and legislators to ensure that policies and laws are created that protect the rights of landscape and lawn care companies and their customers to create and maintain healthy, viable landscaped spaces. 


Land and Water Workforce Business


With deep relationships with legislators and regulators, we are a voice for our members and our industry amid an increasingly challenging regulatory environment.

On your behalf, our team:

  • Works with lawmakers to create positive legislation
  • Tracks and fights legislation and regulations that will negatively impact companies
  • Participates in coalitions and working groups to ensure that your best interests are represented


We work with many groups on industry initiatives to unify and amplify our positions; partners include OPEI, NPMA, RISE, AmericanHort, and many state associations and our team advocates through many national coalitions and working groups, including the:

  • Essential Workers Immigration Coalition (EWIC)
  • H-2B Workforce Coalition, National Turfgrass Foundation
  • Project Evergreen, Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition (SUFC)
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Lawn and Landscape Products Coalition
  • (a coalition to establish an ANSI standard for landscape and turf water needs)
  • ANSI TCIA committee for Integrated Pest Management for trees and ornamentals
  • EPA Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee
  • National Arboretum Green Roots Program
  • EPA test project on Lyme disease
  • EPA Pollinator Working Group
  • FutureScape Project


Our team is powerful, but it can't do it alone. Legislators listen to business owners. It is important that you write, call and visit your legislators both in your home district and in Washington.

  • Use our legislative center to write to your legislator. Also, as a member, you receive Legislative Alerts from us which often contain instructions about how you can help advocate on an issue.
  • Check the news box on this web page regularly for the latest articles and actions about important issues. Also stay current through our advocacy articles.
  • Join us in Washington in July for our annual legislative conference and make personal visits to Capitol Hill. You CAN make a difference for your company and for the industry.
  • Our Political Action Committee (PAC) provides you and our industry with access to lawmakers so we can make sure lawmakers know us, our companies, and our industry; understanding the positive impact that we make in our communities and on our economy so they can support us with legislation. Protect the business you have worked so hard to build. Donate to the PAC. It is an investment in our industry and the future of your business.