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Weed Man is North America's largest franchised lawn care company with hundreds of offices across the continent. Weed Man has long supported NALP with several of its leadership team serving as President and board members over the years. Brandon Sheppard is a current NALP Board Member and he and his team own and operate several franchise locations in the Washington D.C Metro area as well as award and support Weed Man franchises throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Gulf States.


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How they Rock the Business

  • High-volume residential lawn care
  • Knowledgeable and skilled technicians
  • Focus on quality control
  • Exceptional customer service
  • “Win Your Week” employee strategy

About the Company

Serving approximately 300,000 customers in the United States, Weed Man is a network of locally owned and operated lawn care professionals providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control, and integrated pest management services. For more than 50 years, Weed Man has grown one customer at a time by staying true to our core values of amazing service, integrity, passion, and innovation.

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