Why Attend Leaders Forum?

Why not is more the question

For CEO's and Owners

You're in charge of your destiny and your company's, so Leaders Forum is definitely for you. Brainstorm with CEOs and owners who have the same problems that you have, and get some insight into new ways of doing things at our education sessions led by top business instructors. Every year is different, so don't miss out this January - and think about rewarding your top talent with a trip to Leaders Forum. Sounds like great team building, right?

Managers and Top Performers

Want to take it to the next level? Leaders Forum connects you with other professionals who will share insider tips that will help you work smarter.  And, you'll receive leadership education from business experts that will bring insights from the business world into your world.

Spouses, Children and Family

Don't want to experience the beautiful Caribbean without your spouse or kids? Or can't get "permission" if you don't bring the family (wink, wink), then definitely bring them with you - that's what this event is all about. Leaders Forum has fantastic excursions -- and while you're in education sessions, your family is having fun. Win, win, right? And, we create enough time in the schedule for you to balance education, networking and fun.