Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, 3rd Edition (Book & CD Set)
Richard W. Smiley, Peter H. Dernoeden, and Bruce B. Clarke
The American Phytopathological Society (APS) Press

The Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Third Edition is devoted entirely to the diagnosis and control of approximately 80 diseases affecting grasses maintained for fine turfs on residential and commercial lawns, sod farms, golf courses, sports fields, bowling greens, cemeteries, and other areas. Since it was first published in 1983, more than 45,000 copies of the Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases have been distributed all across the world. With information provided and reviewed by more than 40 plant pathologists and turf specialists, this book will help you identify problems quickly and accurately before they become unmanageable and costly to control. When a disease symptom occurs, infected areas of the turfgrass can be matched to one of the illustrations in the book and the accompanying text will provide more about the symptoms, causes, cycles, and control of the disease identified.

What's new in the EXPANDED Third Edition?
  • 40% more text than the 2nd Edition, including coverage of new diseases
  • Color illustrations located in their corresponding disease review section
  • Total of 339 images of diseases and disorders (97 more than the previous edition)
  • New section on fungicide chemistry and application
  • All chapters reviewed, updated, and/or completely revised by specialists in the field to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information available
The compendium is divided into four sections. The first section describes the characteristics of turfgrasses, while the second section discusses damage caused by noninfectious agents in the turfgrass ecosystem. The third section explores ecology and taxonomy of fungi pathogenic to turfgrasses. In the last section easy-to-understand diagnostic procedures are covered. References to technical literature and coverage of the most recent advances in turfgrass pathology will ensure access to the most current disease data and information available.

The text is complemented by numerous illustrations of turfgrass diseases, photomicrographs of many pathogens, diagrams of disease cycles, a glossary of terms, and an index. In addition, dichotomous keys for selected grasses and pathogens will help you identify grasses and pathogens to species, as well as identifying turfgrass diseases by environmental parameters, symptoms, and signs.

Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, 3rd Edition CD-ROM

A companion to the Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Third Edition, the new Turfgrass Diseases CD-Rom is part of the image collection series and contains all 339 images from the compendium. Use these high quality images in PowerPoint presentations and lecture handouts to provide unmistakably clear examples of more than 80 diseases of turfgrass.

Easily browse through images categorized by causal agent. Simply save images to your desktop and then paste into your PowerPoint presentation. Captions are included with images as well as in a separate text file for easy insertion into presentations and documents. Detailed diagnostic information on diseases and disorders can be found in the Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, Third Edition along with step-by-step treatment methods.

This publication also serves as a home-study course to prepare for the Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician - National Exam

(©2005; 8.5" x 11" softcover; 167 pages; 298 color illustrations; 41 black and white illustrations)