Safety Programs and Training

Thorough health and safety training, guided by a written program based on best practices, is a proven method for not only reducing on-the-job injuries and fatalities, but also improving employee morale and retention, lowering employer costs and boosting a company’s reputation. Numerous resources exist for landscape-industry companies looking to establish excellent health and safety programs. A written program alone is not enough, however; training and retraining, with special attention given to the challenges associated with instructing our industry’s larger-than-average percentage of non-traditional workers (including Latino, teen and older employees), is key to successful outcomes. Your safety program and training should meet federal OSHA standards, and following OSHA’s incident-reporting rules should be part of your program. An OSHA inspection could happen at any time, so being prepared is important for that reason as well.

The resources below can help your company and its employees attain the full benefits of health and safety programs and training.