Trailblazer Mentoring Program

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Would you like to sit down for a full day of mentoring with a seasoned professional who has experienced the ups and downs of running a business just like yours? Now you can! Learning from experienced industry professionals who have built and run successful landscape and lawn care companies - that’s what the Trailblazer program is all about.

Why is it called “Trailblazers”?

The professionals who volunteer their time to help others in the industry are selected because of their decades of expertise blazing a trail for others.

How does it work?

If you are an NALP contractor member, just fill out the application and we’ll match you with a Trailblazer mentor (from a non-competitive market). Most people take the opportunity to meet with their mentor at the Trailblazer’s company, so they can learn from their operation. Ask anything you want and they’ll give you candid advice to help you solve your business challenges.

What People Are Saying...

Our Trailblazer visit was a great experience! I really enjoyed meeting his team, and he had a whole day planned out very well - I received some great tips. I would do it again and again with other companies too. I feel it is going to really help advance my company moving forward. I would recommend this program to everyone and anyone that may be even slightly thinking about it.”

Mark Langan, Blue Ridge Property Services, Warrenton, VA