Landscape Management Pre-Apprenticeship Partnership

Since 2019, NALP has partnered with The Corps Network, a member association of service and conservation corps, to connect entry-level workers with landscape professionals across the country. Recently, we have taken this partnership a step further, working with The Corps Network to develop a pre-apprenticeship program that prepares young people to transition to full-time employment and complete the Landscape Management Apprenticeship with a green industry employer. 

The Corps Network supports 140+ Corps across the United States. These are locally based organizations that provide young adults (generally ages 18 to 25) and veterans (up to 35) the opportunity to obtain work experience and develop in-demand skills through projects on public lands, in rural and urban communities, and more.

Through this new partnership program, pre-apprentices will have completed between 300 and 1,000 hours of hands-on training that transfer directly to apprenticeship. In addition to technical skills training, apprentices will have received:
  • Training that cultivates a deep appreciation for conservation and environmental stewardship
  • Mentoring and coaching to support their professional goals
  • Academic skills remediation
  • Training and guidance to nurture positive work habits
The pre-apprenticeship term of service could last a few months or up to a year; Corpsmembers are compensated with a stipend or living allowance. During their time of service, they are introduced to local lawn care and landscape companies to explore potential internship or full-time employment opportunities. NALP works directly with local Corps and employers to make introductions and support the transition of Corpsmembers.

Please contact Jenn Myers for more information.